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Fabrice Fenwick (@fabrice_fenwick) Instagram Profile Photo

Fabrice Fenwick

project pic Number 55 « Plus j'y réfléchis plus je sens qu'il n'y a rien de plus réellement artistique que d'aimer gens. » Sourire ... d’une femme derrière l’épaule d’un homme. Au premier plan, en amorce sur la gauche, l’épaule d’un homme... elle est en retrait, discrète, et m’offre un sourire paisible avec toute la profondeur de son regard. Elle porte certainement ses plus beaux habits, sa coiffe cache sa chevelure grise que l’on distingue près de son oreille droite. Dans son pays, l’espérance de vie tourne autour de cinquante et un an, dans d’autres pays comme au Japon centenaires se comptent par centaines. Elle est magnifique, quel bonheur d’avoir ce sourire de sa part. Elle est communément appelée dans la société une « maman » ce qui forge le respect ... beaucoup de respect madame. #meetingpeople

JILLIAN SCHMIDT ( Instagram Profile Photo


Pepperdine University

💙💙💙 . . . This weekend I had the AMAZING opportunity to be apart of the FIRST LEGACY SUMMIT EVER hosted by Pepperdine University💙! I’ll try to keep this short and sweet but last weekend I was able to meet some of the BEST humans in the world!! I came to the Legacy Summit by myself without knowing ANYONE (except for the AMAZING staff memebers @thirstproject.. At first I was a little nervous, until I met my CRAZY AMAZING ROOMATES!!! They were so kind and they welcomed me with open arms, ready to meet new people! My goal this weekend was to have fun, listen to inspiring speakers, meet new people, and learn more about @thirstproject. ALL of these goals were definitely met! I had the perfect opportunity to meet so many other world leaders and EVERYONE wanted to meet each other! It was such an amazing experience that I will NEVER forget along with so many people that I will NEVER forget! Thank you @thirstproject.💙💙 . #meetingpeople

Old City Falls

This is a two-tiered waterfall, and both the upper and the lower falls plunge into refreshing pool. We swam at the lower pool, about waist deep and the water was fresh and cool that day. - We leaned against the rock and enjoyed the splashing waters cascading over us. As I was laying down, I listened to the sound of the water, and the wind whispering through the trees . Ferns grow heavily along the edge of the upper falls, adding a pretty green element to the scene. - - I met Mackenzie and her dog Fredi at the falls, and we chat for a bit. She recently adopted Fredi and he is more like a city dog, so she decided to take him around. That’s awesome - - #meetingpeople

Tourist Tourist attractions (@traveling999awesome) Instagram Profile Photo

Tourist Tourist attractions

Hanging out above the clouds, OR | Photo by @bdorts @traveling999awesome

Iran Cruise (@iran_cruise) Instagram Profile Photo

Iran Cruise

Meeting people is one of the highlights travelling in Iran. I never met such friendly and helpfull people like Iran. Only to have this experience makes it worth to go to Iran. Visit our new English webpage: #meetingpeople

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