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Кардиохирург Нурали Шакиров (@dr.shakirov.nurali) Instagram Profile Photo

Кардиохирург Нурали Шакиров

CHANDRA FHERLIAN (@chandrafherlian) Instagram Profile Photo


Jordyn Rather (@ratherbbuilt) Instagram Profile Photo

Jordyn Rather

Shoes For Crews (@shoesforcrews) Instagram Profile Photo

Shoes For Crews

Amrit Hansra MD ( Instagram Profile Photo

Amrit Hansra MD

Dentist By Heart (@dentistbyheart) Instagram Profile Photo

Dentist By Heart

محمد سامي (@mohammed_s__i__m) Instagram Profile Photo

محمد سامي

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Krasnodar Krai

Ну насколько же мощная и одновременно мягкая энергия леса. Это надо прочувствовать🌸😁💜 А вот энергия гор, очень очень башнесносящая🏞️🤪☺️ Но, трудности преодолены, медитация сделана, АВТОРСКИЙ массаж с новыми знаниями УЖЕ внедрен в практику. Здесь все остались довольны и оздоровлены! Я счастлива, что причастна к такому событию на 99%. . . #medical

Dr. Trixoloq Yusifli 🔬 (@dr.trixoloq) Instagram Profile Photo

Dr. Trixoloq Yusifli 🔬

Really wonderful: Leukocytes are moving in search of pathogens for immune protection. . . . . . . . . . . . @medical.doctors #medical

The Neurology Center (@theneurologycenter) Instagram Profile Photo

The Neurology Center

Feature: Movement Disorder Specialists - Dr. Anchi Wang, Dr. Abigail Lawler, Dr. Irene Oh (left to right). Parkinson’s Disease and Movement Disorders characteristically affect the speed, fluency, quality and ease of movements. These may be affliction of simple day to day tasks like writing, walking, etc. They may be severely debilitating and may affect the ability to perform day to day activities in many individuals. There are various types of movement disorders. These include essential tremor, Parkinson’s disease and more. Parkinson’s disease is characterized by rigidity of muscles, tremors and shaking and a short “shuffling” gait. These complex abnormalities of movement may appear slowly or may appear suddenly and unpredictably with a rapid return to normal. It is a progressive, chronic neurological condition and causes a gradual deterioration of a small area of cells in the midbrain. The deterioration of these cells causes a decrease in dopamine, a neurotransmitter used by your nerves to send signals from your brain to the rest of your . The physical symptoms of Parkinson’s disease are caused by this decrease in dopamine. Parkinson’s disease affects one in 500 individuals and in most cases is caused by genetic predisposition or exposure to certain drugs and toxins. #medical

csir_net_study_material (@life_sciences_csir_net_study) Instagram Profile Photo


Cellular Anatomy. . . .Follow @life_sciences_csir_net_study . . Cells are the fundamental units of all living organisms. Inside each cell are individual structures called organelles which perform various functions. The is the control center of the cell and contains the entire code, or DNA. The endoplasmic reticulum is the site of . The apparatus is made up of stacks of flattened membranes which assist in the packaging of secretory products from the cell. These products may have initially been assembled within smooth endoplasmic reticulum. The act as the power source for most cellular processes th the synthesis of ATP. Paired centrioles are key components in the movement of during . Membrane-bound vesicles called lysosomes contain digestive enzymes that remove damaged organelles or pathogens. Finally, the cytoskeleton is made up of tiny microfilaments which help maintain the cell’s structure. ©blausen al       Credit @nanobioart

#ReScUeHeLicOpTerSpoTtEr88# (@instahelispotter88) Instagram Profile Photo


~* Blausteinsee Eschweiler *~ Einsatz für den Christoph Europa 1 Abend 🙋‍♂️ ~* Euch allen ein schönes Wochenende *~ 🙋‍♂️ und dem Te vom Christoph Europa 1 natürlich einen ruhigen Dienst 👍 ~*ADAC Luftrettung Ec-135 P2 #medical

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