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Digita A. Nurrohmah (@digiiiit) Instagram Profile Photo

Digita A. Nurrohmah

Vanny Septiana (@vanspt) Instagram Profile Photo

Vanny Septiana

Fiona Morris (@__blonde___) Instagram Profile Photo

Fiona Morris

It’s not all sunshine and roses here errryday. The weekends double header Cyclocross National Series racing didn’t go as I had planned. After a DNF on Saturday I tried to shake it off and know it’s not often I have a bad race, then a 4th place on Sunday was just not what I know I capable of. Last year a 4th place at would have had me totally stoked - but this year I wanting more of myself. Im not dwelling on it though because there is more training to do and more races to come. And it’s pretty hard to feel sad for too long when directly after my race I got to watch @garrymillburn take the win on both days! Not to mention I was stoked to to see my teie @stacey.riedel finish 4th on Saturday. Shout out to @queenslandcyclocross for an excellent course, excellent support and always putting on a show. Photo @feandspear

Stian Pollestad (@stian.pollestad) Instagram Profile Photo

Stian Pollestad


It’s been a while. Feels good to be out riding again. New jersey from MAAP #maap

Rhône-Alpes, France

Little human, big mountains ⛰

Tengkleng Kambing di Kudus (@tengkleng.mbahninik) Instagram Profile Photo

Tengkleng Kambing di Kudus

Tengkleng Mbah Ninik

@ira_edry_w (@get_repost) ・・・ Alhamdulillah...ikutan give away nya @tengkleng.mbahninik yg akhirnya nembus dapat nasi goreng rendang...yg rasa rendangnya memang dahsyaat bikin nendang, gak cuman tengklengnya aja yg istimewa tapi..nasgor rendangnya yg sambal ijonya jg nampol pedasnya yg daging rendangnya uempuukk...uuenak dech, recomended bangetz...👍👍👍 #Maap yaakk....nasgor rendangnya buat rame-rame...karena enak nich rasanya, 1 porsi makan d makan rame-rame buat ber-5...alhasil langsung ludes, bener-bener rendangnya bikin nagihh...😋 @tengkleng.mbahninik ...🙏🙏🙏

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