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Valeri Speights (@whatisvaleridoing) Instagram Profile Photo

Valeri Speights

Conroe, Texas

It has arrived: the first week of many with a long commute (details coming soon). I’m going to be cycling through my favorite podcasts, but would love to hear from you guys what podcasts/audiobooks you’re into. Here are some of mine: • the Jocko Podcast (leadership, strategy, & discipline) • Ear Biscuits with Rhett and Link (Comedy) • Break the Twitch with Anthony Ongaro (simplicity & creative solutions) • Will probably start the College Info Geek podcast soon (productivity & time management optimization) • Audiobook: “Music in the Castle of Heaven” by Gardiner, a bio on J. S. Bach • • • • • • • • • • • • • • #longcommute

Just landed in Sydney with @mariboustate for their show at @sydneyoperahouse tomorrow. Excited to be in Australia for the first time but it was heartbreaking leaving this little family, even if it is only for 2 weeks. I used to love travelling all the time for work, it's a perk of the job for sure, but now having so much to be at home for makes it sting a little these days. I'll have a few beers with @joe_simpson_foh later (who happens to be here too) and feel a bit more at home! #longcommute

Amanda Shelley (@ashelley1) Instagram Profile Photo

Amanda Shelley

London, United Kingdom

My commuting work buddy for the week!! Day 1 done☑️ Said he’s enjoyed his 1st day and is coming back with his Aunty Manda - phew👍🏼 @_ed.mullins_ #longcommute

Bibliophiles@❤ (@faultsareus) Instagram Profile Photo


Masksheet empties for the past 15 days. Hello guys! June and July have been very hectic months for all of us, and we expect August to be the se. We haven't read much, havent slept enough, long early morning and late evening commutes and irregular diet. All these factors are in turn affecting our bodies. I usually use masksheets as an indulgence, a ppering session or a treat. Which used to be twice or thrice a month. But for the past few days I've been using sheet masks more frequently. : what do you do on days like these?? We need some suggestions! . . . @tonymoly_street got these from @mynykaa for sale I loved the pureness ones in terms of fit, all three were really good ⭐⭐⭐⭐. . . Hated the fit for the MasterLab but loved everything else about it- most effective ⭐⭐⭐⭐½. The I lemon was bit disappointing since it had no effect on me at all ⭐⭐. . . got these from @azondotin I loved the fit and quality of the snail version hydrated my skin and calmed it down. ⭐⭐⭐ . . azonindia #longcommute

Amber Smith (@amberlsmith01) Instagram Profile Photo

Amber Smith

Before I started this side hustle I never realized home much time I wasted in a day. Mindlessly scrolling through Facebook, binge watching Netflix, and even in the car during my commute to work. I have started listening to podcasts during my commute and they’ve really got me thinking. Change is HARD. I know that and I’m sure you do too. But why?? Have you ever truly stopped to think why change is difficult? I know I haven’t I just didn’t like the way change made me feel. It makes us feel UNCOMFORTABLE!!! That’s why our minds resist CHANGE. Our brains like safety, things that are familiar and instant reward. This makes changing jobs, getting out of a toxic relationship or starting a workout is hard and we don’t like that either. But why when we are already in an UNCOMFORTABLE place and having a hard time do we not do something to change it? Let me ask, are you struggling or UNCOMFORTABLE??? In your job, in your relationship, in your skin or any other area in your life? If you already are why not do something to change that? If you’re going to be uncomfortable either way why not make the choice to do something about it. You’ll see what you’re CAPABLE OF and BLOW YOUR MIND 🤯😉 #longcommute

Oh NYC. Nothing better than being trapped underground for 45min during a power outage. #longcommute

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