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jay soltes (@jaysoltes) Instagram Profile Photo

jay soltes

Was starting to feel really good with my riding last little bit few clips from the last show I did. for putting them together. #limenine

Adrian Michaud (@ado_187) Instagram Profile Photo

Adrian Michaud

Prince George, British Columbia

The only bae that will let me her down these days......

Shane Myers (@shanemx441) Instagram Profile Photo

Shane Myers

All blue just how I like thank you @sam_nicholls_237 and @limenine #limenine

Megan Arnemann (@meganarnemann_250) Instagram Profile Photo

Megan Arnemann

What a great weekend hanging with moto chicks and collecting cash!๐Ÿ˜Ž Had a solid first moto but made a mistake last lap that costed me the win. Second moto we had some pretty dry conditions and settled for 3rd. Unfortunately we only got to run 2 of the 3 motos due to unforeseen weather/track conditions. Hats off to Alberta Dirt Riders Association and Courtney Stelter for organizing the first annual womenโ€™s pro event like this! Legit my first time ever coming home with cash in my pocket from racing haha! Cannot wait to see it build in the future. Letโ€™s make this event grow ladies! We had 14 lined up this year, how many more can we get for 2020?!๐Ÿ Thank you always to my sponsors, friends and family โค๏ธ #limenine

Tristan Ratzlaff (@tristan_587) Instagram Profile Photo

Tristan Ratzlaff

Gopher dunes was a huge eye opener for how these track actually get out east. Had a fun time training and getting used to the high heat, bottomless sand and how it gets! Finished with a 7th oa and 8th oa but felt I had a lot more potential. Super thankful to my dad who bt me out here as a intermediate to learn these tracks! On to the next one at sand del lee Ottawa. Lack of posts due to broken phone @triplecrownseries Thanks! @fxrmoto @riverside_motosports @limenine @hoosieroffroad @tokyomods @rynopower_canada @proactioncanada #LimeNine

โ„ Nadia Samerโ„ (@nadia_samer) Instagram Profile Photo

โ„ Nadia Samerโ„

Whistler, Canada

Big is relative. Every winter I set out with the goal of pushing my comfort zone, and improving, learning, growing as an athlete. Itโ€™s hard trying to explain to people that hunger, and need to continuously find features to hit that are bigger than what Iโ€™ve hit before. After compression fracturing my T-12 vertebrae overshooting to flat in 2010 Iโ€™ve been much more calculated about only hitting larger cliffs that have steep, long transitions. However it can be very hard to find features like this that are accessible, where you can even safely access them on snowmobiles. Often times you canโ€™t get on top, or the landings donโ€™t go, or are too short. My first reaction upon seeing the footy was โ€œwow- donโ€™t you sound cockyโ€ - but it was April, nearing the season end & I knew the days of going big were limited. I was hungry to hit something that really pushed my limits, especially after watching the boys get in the gnar that morning. While I recognize that this feature was probably quite large for most people, I was greedy & wanting to push myself more. However I did learn a valuable lesson as the cornice gave out on me while I was standing scoping the takeoff and I fell ~15 feet or so, but I knew that there were no hazards beneath me. So I learned a lesson I need to experience regardless. It was definitely a humbling reminder about consequences in the mountains if you make even the smallest mistake, and my heart rate skyrocketed when the ground gave out beneath me. I hope I never experience that again. Thank you @colterjh @keithmccathren for patiently waiting for me to hammer in the climb to the cliff, and climb back up after the cornice fail. What a spicy, super fun day getting sendy with the boys in the backcountry. #limenine

Mark Freeman #408 (@markfreeman408) Instagram Profile Photo

Mark Freeman #408

The tripod. @LimeNine

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