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Honey Badger Writing (@honey_badger_writing) Instagram Profile Photo

Honey Badger Writing

The best part about writing, is being able to interject any kind of personality you want into the content. . . . Chatty/ Friendly: Hello Honey Clan! Thank you for following my page, Honey Badger Writing, you are all appreciated! . . . Business Formal: Welcome to Honey Badger Writing where your patronage is valued. . . . Academic/serious: According to Customer Experience Insight, 60% of businesses lose a customer due to the customer thinking the business is indifferent to them. Here at Honey Badger Writing we want you to know you are important to us and thank you for following. . . . Academic/Lively: Did you hear?! 60% of businesses actually lose a customer because the business is indifferent (Customer Experience Insight)! The Honey Badger Writing Team wants you to know how absolutely amazing and treasured you are to us. Thank you for following! . . . They all basically said the same thing, as a business you want your tone to run across all platforms the same. This is so your customers feel like this is an ongoing dialogue and feel comfortable with your business. . . . Hire someone who knows how to write in your Brand's voice. Also, make sure you thank your customers! . . . E-mail me today at: . . . #lawyers

A Channel For Gamers. (@gamelaunchfamily) Instagram Profile Photo

A Channel For Gamers.

New York, New York

Welcome to GameLaunch’s How Do You Game! ______ • Star Wars meets Legend of Zelda. Meet Ashley she is a avid Legend of Zelda gamer! She is also a PlayStation and Nintendo gamer. ______ • Get to know your fellow gamer Ashley by watching her video on the GameLaunch YouTube Channel. ______ Give her a follow: @def.the.only.ashley ______ #lawyers

Abogada Gina Diaz (@abogadaginadiaz) Instagram Profile Photo

Abogada Gina Diaz

The Armour House

Such a beautiful wedding! O great to run into another DCPC OG, Janice! Congratulations to my good friend SJ on her new adventure in life it’s her equally as awesome husband Sami (not pictured)! 👰🏻🤵🏻 . . . . . . . #lawyers

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