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Mediterenean recipes


is generally a popular ingredient in Greece: you find it in many casseroles, they use it to make zucchini patties, they slice them and fry them for an appetizer they stuff zucchini flowers with rice or cheese and lightly fry them and of course they make zucchini pies (#kolokithopita). Zucchini is a very low calorie vegetable with only about 15 calories per 3 ounces, it is a good source of the carotenoids (pigments) lutein and zeaxanthin, these substances have properties and play an important role in eye health. It is important to note that lutein is better absorbed with the presence of fat, so don’t forget the olive oil. This was the first time I made this and I ate as a main course with some feta and bread. It was delicious and the garlic was mild tasting. The zucchini are roasted whole. You can cut it in bite-size pieces or you can serve whole. I added a bit of extra tomato too. Once you cut the zucchini, it will release water, which is what you see in the photo, basically a mixture of olive oil and juices from the zucchini.

Kolokithopita(Greek pumpkin pie). I used the ready-made phyllo for the first time. It's much crispier than I thought. It's nice to cook up some Greek sweets. But it was a bit difficult to use for my square small baking pan. It's better to use the round one, I thought. Kolokithopita made me happy😍 with the cinnamon flavor, from the start of cooking to eating. Surprisingly😆, I remember the kolokithopita when I found the rest of pumpkin🎃 in my refrigerator. #kolokithopita

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Winnie's Kitchen

Savory pies 💕 Making Spanakopita and Kolokithopita with pie dough (Greek Spinach Pie and Pumpkin pie with feta cheese) #kolokithopita

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Eliza Tsonis 🇦🇺

Greek night tonight. Panfried lemon and chicken My sister in law made all the pastry #kolokithopita

• 18/03 good food great company s/o to one of the best co chefs @meltemgokcebel #kolokithopita

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