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Make the Road New Jersey

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U.S. Consulate General Chennai

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Qiana Compositions

When you want something BAD enough you will work until you see RESULTS. That work is not absent of relying on God's FAVOR! NOTHING could have prepared us for the blessing we have received!!! WATCH ME WORK! FOLLOW THE EVIDENCE! IT'S ALL COMING TOGETHER!! . . I'll MEET YOU AT THE FINISH LINE! 撾儭撾儭撾儭撾儭撾儭撾儭撾儭撾儭撾儭撾儭撾儭撾儭 #KnowYourRights

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Jason Feimster

Virginia's 10th Congressional District

Congress is a partisan war zone politicians putting self interests BEFORE national interests. My name is Rob Jones, and thats why Im running for Congress in the 10th District of Virginia. Its time we bring back a service before self mentality to Congress, because I would rather lose two than lose the nation we love. This race isnt about me its about all of us. Are you with me? Lets go! 颯颯 Repost @robjonesforcongress . . . . . #knowyourrights

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Katrina Patrick

Griggs Road

Happy to be a guest speaker at @thesolutiontoyourproblems Get YESss seminar. Full of useful information. Many thanks. #knowyourrights

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Owen Hodge Lawyers

How far is an employer legally allowed to go into a prospective employees background check? Learn your rights as an employee or an employer and know the consequences of illegal activity by checking out our blog - Link in Bio! #knowyourrights

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Jamaica Millennium Vision

JMVY360TIPS - Social Justice July 22, 2019 *Fourth World Conference* Between 1986-1994, ten CARICOM countries developed Policy Statements on women and, during preparations for the Fourth World Conference on Woman which commenced in 1993, a process was initiated towards productions of a Regional Policy Framework for Gender Development. #knowyourrights

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Lake st taco crawl inspired by #knowyourrights

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