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Tyler, Who Watches Movies

You ever think about how bloated remakes are? Like, why is the new Lion King 30 minutes longer than the original if it follows the same story beats? Disney has been releasing all kinds of live-action remakes over the past few years in their attempt to put a stranglehold on the Hollywood calendar. Bloat is a common thread that runs through many of them, but there’s also the problem of pointlessness. Why do these movies exist? Thankfully, Pete’s Dragon has neither of those problems. It’s short, sweet, to the point—as all good kids movies should be. This movie is so breezy I thought only half an hour had whisked by once the end credits began. It works because David Lowery is a master at centering a movie around emotion. Pete’s Dragon is warm and sincere all the way through, from the sun-soaked aerial shots of dense forests and snow-capped mountains to the gently twanging folksy Americana that lights a delicate flame behind every establishing shot of the small-town life the movie encapsulates. It’s about family and finding belonging in a world where the threat of loneliness looms behind every tree in this dense forest. Watch for how Lowery never misses a chance to cut to closeups of characters’ faces during the emotionally climactic moments. This is what an inspired remake looks like. This is an excellent kids movie, which, really, is to say it’s an excellent movie. After all, it’s good for us adults to have refreshers on the types of ideas that carry the movies made specifically for kids. Nostalgia is powerful; it wards off the and the loneliness of life. But live in a memory too long and your present becomes hollow. Learn from your memories. Let them show you how to live the right way. Let Pete’s Dragon show you what a good remake looks like. . . . . . #kidsmovie

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CC’s Macarons & Desserts

Elsa is so pretty!!! #kidsmovie

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Lou Martin

AMC CLASSIC Snellville 12

Special thanks to Walmart and Disney for inviting us to see today. bought out almost all the movie rooms at the theater, inviting the city of Snellville community to see the movie for free! Very thoughtful of them for doing that. Also, Kenya Moore made a surprised appearance, check it out on my Instastories. . . Now, about the movie.....The original Disney's The Lion King is my all-time favorite! I would watch it over and over again reciting it word for word and singing all the songs. This live-action missed the mark for me. It left me feeling like 😑 with a side of 😒. . . It didn't feel as powerful, and lacked passion. The new voice overs I didn't like at all. The movie felt rushed. The intro song didn't sound good like the original. Timon and Pumbaa had scenes that I was looking forward to seeing but was cut out from the movie! 😡 Beyonce and Donald Glover over-sang their parts. And those hyenas, not funny! Why couldn't they bring back the originals? The movie was basically 85 to 90 percent like the original. . . I will say the visual effects was amazing, like watching a National Geographic Documentary. But with all the realistic-ness, the characters lacked emotion in their faces. And thank goodness for James Earl Jones returning as Mufasa! . . Now, I need to go watch the original to get that live-action out my head! 😩 . . Did you see the new Lion King this weekend? 🤔 If so, I would love to know your thoughts? . . #kidsmovie

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Classic Cinemas 🍿

That first movie feeling 💕🥰 Let our staff know if it's your little one's first movie & they'll receive a VIP badge and certificate! See what movies are playing now from the link in our bio! 📷: @lovedbysophialee . . . . #kidsmovie

"This new version of The Lion King is something I would hesitate to call a film; this is a product. An empty, soulless product that is completely devoid of what made the animated film so special." . We reviewed new release . Check out the review in full on our website. Link in bio. . #kidsmovie

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