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SHAAN_ Dc_ 03😗😗 (@syed_shaan_) Instagram Profile Photo

SHAAN_ Dc_ 03😗😗

Paloma Desiree Alv (@palomadesireealv) Instagram Profile Photo

Paloma Desiree Alv

Elisabeth Mitterschiffthaler (@energy_living_alles_frau) Instagram Profile Photo

Elisabeth Mitterschiffthaler

Wie gefällt dir die Farbe des Tages, wie gefällt dir die Farbkombination? Schau auch meine anderen Links! Über 400.000 BetrachterInnen/Monat besuchen mich auf PINTEREST! Freu mich auf dich! -> -> KLICKE auf den LINK IN MEINER BIO

Fitness with Janina (@fitnesswithjanina) Instagram Profile Photo

Fitness with Janina

“Every day is new beginning . Take a new breath , smile, and start again”. 😉🙌❤️ @fitnesswithjanina #keepsmiling

We love you @theonehaila !❤ you will NEVER be forgotten

Gabster Grit 🗣🇩🇴🇺🇸 (@gabster.grit) Instagram Profile Photo

Gabster Grit 🗣🇩🇴🇺🇸

Miami, Florida

ATTITUDE IS EVERYTHING A positive attitude can open many doors for you and help you create the life you desire. Sometimes I get so anxious and scare of the future but when I do that I notice that it prevents me from enjoying the NOW. And I don’t like that. I will always be a work in progress no doubt. That’s why I also have soul workouts. Do you? This platform is about sharing so would you mind sharing yours, what do you do to keep a good attitude? . . . Anyways . . . This is how I’ll be looking on Monday 😀 and on Friday 💃🏾 #keepsmiling 💯

Moon 이나 🍀 (@vitaco11) Instagram Profile Photo

Moon 이나 🍀

Keep going keep smiling :) #keepsmiling

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