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Christina Huerta (@tinalokez) Instagram Profile Photo

Christina Huerta

Omg been the longest day ever this heat is no joke ina warehouse 😩 #jesushelp

Refuge 91, Inc (@refuge91inc) Instagram Profile Photo

Refuge 91, Inc

Outer Banks, North Carolina

💬 A worker from IJM (International Justice Mission) —> “What would Jesus do in the face of an evil like human trafficking? The Jesus I know would condemn those who the and show to girls trapped in the trade. As Christians we need to be the miracle that we’re praying for God to send - the Church should be taking the lead and doing what Christ would do.” (- Richard, Community Mobilization Officer in S. Asia). 📸 PHOTO CREDIT: @ann.hammer (thank you!♥️) . . . . . . ❌ #jesushelp

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Lyon, France

🇬🇧Hello jesuslovers ! How are you today?😃 I would like to share with you this beautiful testimony called: How much do you trust God? Check the link in the bio 🇫🇷 Salut jesuslovers! Comment allez-vous aujourd’hui? 😃 J’aimerais partager ce beau témoignage avec vous qui s’appelle: À quel point fais-tu confiance à Dieu? Check le lien dans la bio Don't forget to share and leave a comment. God bs you richly😘 #jesushelp

Leucresia Chenevert (@leucresiachenevert) Instagram Profile Photo

Leucresia Chenevert

The Problem with today’s church. The leaders leading the congregation astray with Carnal Preaching. Preaching messages that appeal to the flesh. Giving them false hope, false words and philosophy that isn’t the Word of God. The congregation not growing spiritually and God don’t reside there. They using the name of “Jesus” to bring “theirselves” fame! TheY’re so busy trying to make a name for theirselves that they become totally blind to the Truth that there is ONLY ONE NAME THAT TRULY MATTERS. The Holy Spirit not being stirred, ONLY EMOTIONS! People not being delivered & being made whole cause you see them in & I see it all the time. help

TaNisha S. Hopkins (@ladytcandtay) Instagram Profile Photo

TaNisha S. Hopkins

So I assume this is how you get to be “You Tube” famous....Take your parents phone and make videos like your on TV.....🤷🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️🤣🤣 #jesushelp

Crystal Simpson (@mkraawncrystal) Instagram Profile Photo

Crystal Simpson

🥵 It’s hot hot #🔥 #JesusHelp It needs to start #😂 #🥶

The Unicorn Effect (@theunicorneffectllc) Instagram Profile Photo

The Unicorn Effect

Journey: eating clean is a especially when your craving a 10 pc hot with lemon pepper and lemonade. But saving money is a blessing day 8-10 break down Day 8 Breakfast: tea + had fruit Lunch: tilapia with spinach and rice Dinner: pasta primavera (tomatoes mushrooms and spinach in a light sauce) Day 9 Breakfast: Tea time (Peppermint & Also Bai Tea) + oatmeal Lunch: pasta primavera Dinner: FISH TACOS DAY 10 Breakfast: tea time (bai and peppermint tea) + oatmeal Lunch: peanut butter chicken with spinach and rice Dinner: salmon with red skin potatoes and cabbage #jesushelp

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