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Preety Choudhary (Mazumdar)  (@krazzybong) Instagram Profile Photo

Preety Choudhary (Mazumdar) 

Dreaming of all the food we had back in Japan 😫

Koreantown Shin-Okubo

“Korean delicacy in Tokyo”🇯🇵🎌 if you love Korean food and big K-pop fan than must visit this place. It’s near the station and there are lots of restaurants and if you like enjoy street food that it’s also a best place. #Japandiary.

B a r r e t t | Japan・Travels (@barrett.ish) Instagram Profile Photo

B a r r e t t | Japan・Travels

東京タワー Tokyo Tower

Current Tokyo mood 🗼 ・

🦋MAMTA LAMA🦋 (@mamta_moktan_) Instagram Profile Photo


Mojikō Station

“As you walk and eat and travel, be where you are. ...#japandiary

B a r r e t t | Japan・Travels (@barrett.ish) Instagram Profile Photo

B a r r e t t | Japan・Travels


Cheers 🥃💻☕️ ・ One of my favorites. I’ve been to the lounge-like bar at the TRUNK HOTEL (@trunkhotel) a few times, and it’s more like something you’d find in the US. Most drinking spots in Japan tend to be smaller or cater to people who want to talk only within their group. This one on the other hand has open sofa spaces, mingle room, tables and a desk area for people working remotely or on their side hustles. And they’re good at branding. Maybe I should just work here remotely instead...tempting! ・

twoplayer.jpg (@twoplayer.jpg) Instagram Profile Photo


My husband took me for a drive to the Gion festival lanterns, and I took a video of it from the car!

Justyna Zdunczyk (@justyna_zdunczyk) Instagram Profile Photo

Justyna Zdunczyk


Tradycyjne japońskie śniadania zdecydowanie odbiegają od naszych standardów. Na początku ciężko było mi przełknąć pieczoną rybę, miso, ryż i inne dziwne przysmaki (natto!) z samego rana, ale po którymś razie można się przyzwyczaić 😉 Potem w hostelu, kiedy wcinałam tosta z dżemem, tęskniłam za tymi wykwintnymi zestawami 😁 diary . . . . . . .

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