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Fit Mortgage (Burbank) (@fitmortgage) Instagram Profile Photo

Fit Mortgage (Burbank)

Interest rates are expected to increase in 2020. Right now rates are still low so if you can, don’t wait until they hit 5% to start searching for your dream home. You'll end up paying more for your home, and more money in monthly payments. Contact us to learn more at (818) 524-1680. Fit Mortgage, Burbank CA BCMS NMLS# 737320 #interestrates

Payne Capital Management (@pcmfinancial) Instagram Profile Photo

Payne Capital Management

Wow! Imagine if $8 Trillion in cash 💵 came off the sideline? Oh what a cannonball that would be! 📈 Bob caps this week in the market, and wonders why so many people are stuck in the shallow end? Stay cool this weekend, New York! Listen here: More:

Dominic Irvin (@homes_by_dominic) Instagram Profile Photo

Dominic Irvin

STOP 🛑 RENTING Mortgage rates are nearing historic lows again. Making it an ideal time to buy or refinance a home. Average rates nationally for a 30 year fixed are around 4% after peaking near 5% in November. This is the opposite of the steadily upward movement of rates that experts have forecast for 2019. Who's ready to become a homeowner? #interestrates

Aaron Bates Real Estate Team (@aaronbatesrealestate) Instagram Profile Photo

Aaron Bates Real Estate Team

What you NEED to know about Buying and Selling 🏠 at the same time. We meet with so many people who want to sell their current home and buy a new one. . . And most of them want to do it backwards! It can be scary to put your house on the market and go Under Contract without having the next house ready to move into. The truth is that you have to in order to get your offer accepted on the New Home. Contingencies on the sale of your home just aren’t a realistic option anymore. With logical planning and preparation, we can guide you and help you through each step of the sale and purchase, and coordinate closing timelines to meet your needs. #interestrates

Handoyo Liem - Xavier Marks (@handoyo_liem) Instagram Profile Photo

Handoyo Liem - Xavier Marks

Something to relax and meditate about on your weekend: INDONESIA is OPEN for Foreign Investments!!! Come and join us in our next phase of development and reforms! Invest in Indonesia and see how we can be another type of “safe haven” investment. Our demographics are numerous, young and at productive age! If there’s one surefire way to beat Negative Interest Rates, it’s GROWING MARKET DEMOGRAPHICS! Indonesia OPEN, Hungry and eager to Transform into industry 4.0 hub!!!! #interestrates

Bell Credit Solutions (@bellcreditsolutions) Instagram Profile Photo

Bell Credit Solutions

I work to remove negative accounts from credit reports as well as help establish and maintain good standing accounts. To schedule your free consultation, visit my website and click “Contact Us”, schedule appointment. I look forward to hearing from you #interestrates

Deb Geist, Realtor (@debgeistrealtor) Instagram Profile Photo

Deb Geist, Realtor

Lancaster, Pennsylvania

Did you know that interest rates are projected to increase steadily heading into 2020? Rates are still low right now - don’t wait until they hit 5% to start searching for your dream home! 🏡

Bell Credit Solutions (@bellcreditsolutions) Instagram Profile Photo

Bell Credit Solutions

Once a negative item such as a collection account is on the credit report, it will remain even if you pay the account. It will only then show zero balance. Before you pay a collection account, contact the collection agency and request a pay for deletion letter. Once they send a letter stating they will remove the item from your credit report in exchange for payment you could then make the payment. Once the payment is made and you receive the receipt send a copy of the receipt along with the deletion letter from the collection agency and send it to the credit bureaus to be proactive. Sometimes it could take 90 days if you wait on the collection agency to have the item removed. #interestrates

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