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UK Mortgage Advice - Tess (@tessmortgageadviser) Instagram Profile Photo

UK Mortgage Advice - Tess

Has your house survey uncovered something that you didn't know about the property? If so, it might be time to go back to the negotiation stage! . You’ve had your offer accepted on a house which is great news and means you’re one step closer to getting the keys to your dream home. Following the offer acceptance, it’s common for most people to have a house survey carried out on their new house-to-be, so they know exactly what condition it’s in before they go ahead and complete the purchase. But what are you expected to do once you’ve received this report back? Most commonly, if nothing is uncovered during the survey, the deal continues with the accepted price agreed, but occasionally, your report may contain items that were not obvious when you first viewed the property. . • Can you renegotiate? . Yes – absolutely you can. Your offer to purchase the house remains Subject to Contract (STC) and you may change your mind at any time. The results of your survey may form part of the contract specifics, especially if you require that the vendor makes repairs or alterations as the value of the property is entirely dependent on the outcomes of the report. . It is very likely that neither the vendor, or the estate agent would have known about any problems beforehand, and it is entirely reasonable to negotiate a house price after a survey and provide a counter offer if things have changed. . *** More information can be found in the comments section of this post *** . 📞 07572 580920 📧 🌎 . #insurance

Fiesta Auto Insurance (@fiesta_insurance_official) Instagram Profile Photo

Fiesta Auto Insurance

Cudahy, California

¡Con Fiesta todo es mejor! Tranquilidad garantizada. 😉 💥 Hasta $30.00 al mes 💥 No costo por cambios 💥 Free Sr22 💥 Sin pago inicial (No down payment) 💥 Sin cobros por realizar pagos en oficinas 📌 Cudahy (323) 775-9019 📌 Los Angeles (323) 897-5400 📌 Huntington Park (323) 835-6780 #Insurance

S K Finserv (@s_k_finserv) Instagram Profile Photo

S K Finserv

We have the Health Plan for you!! Lowest rate , More Plan options , HELP if you need it... Think Loan Think SK S. K. Finserv | Your Wealth Partner #Insurance

The Funny Advisor (@thefunnyadvisor) Instagram Profile Photo

The Funny Advisor

Sino dito mahilig mo sa lobo noong bata sila? 😅 "Sayang ang pera ko Binili ng lobo Sa pagkain sana Nabusog pa ako" Kagaya ng bata sa kanta, tayo rin minsan ay nagsisi kapag bili tayo ng bili ng kung ano ano. We need to spend our money wisely para di tayo nagkakaregrets. Have fun and never forget to prepare for your future! 😎 #Insurance

Dev Wealth Creation (@devinder.pal4444) Instagram Profile Photo

Dev Wealth Creation

Buy your Dream Home without hassle with affordable Insurance Plans.Visit Us. #insurance

BNI Life (@bnilifeid) Instagram Profile Photo

BNI Life

Centennial Tower Jakarta

Orang yg akan disukai oleh banyak orang adalah orang yg memiliki jati dirinya sendiri, semangat juang yang tinggi dan memiliki impian yang tidak dimiliki orang lain. Pribadi tersebut itu orang-orang yang ngelawan arus. Nekat ngerubah nasib hidupnya dengan segala risiko yang bakal kejadian yang belum tau seberapa besar risiko itu.⁣ ⁣ Hidup ngikutin arus layaknya air mengalir itu ga enak. Filosofi air mengalir itu kan gini “air mengalir dari tempat yang tinggi ke tempat yang rendah”. Trus kalo mengikuti arus hidup berarti sebenarnya kita lagi di bawa jatuh ke bawah bukan bertahan ada di atas. Kamu pilih mengikuti arus atau yang melawan arus?⁣ ⁣ BNI Life hadir memberikan perencanaan masa depan dan perlindungan terpercaya dengan segala kemudahannya⁣ ⁣ Untuk informasi lebih lengkap kunjungi Kantor Cabang Bank BNI di kota Anda atau jelajahi situs, untuk terhubung langsung dengan call center kami di 1500045 atau email ke⁣ ⁣ #Insurance

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