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The secret is out now sorry Steve. The wold needed to know. 😉 @crushhcityjiujitsu ・・・ @powerxcore_llc @larryisthatyou_ this is my secret weapon for recovery after I push myself to my limits. Time to reload!!! #injuryrecovery relief

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Dan Minnicks-Performance Coach

Umberger Performance

Crawl before you walk. . After taking some time off and going through some rehab on his knee, this guy was back at it today for the first time in almost 3 months. With him being pretty strong for his age and bodyweight beforehand, it's made him getting back into things a lot easier. He was barely able to do these with his foot on the ground a couple weeks ago. No pain, all gain. . . . . . . . . . . #injuryrecovery

Kelowna, British Columbia

from @tailblazerskelowna with ... Looking for a fun thing to do this Saturday. Come check out Stand Up For The Dogs, a comedy night with all proceeds going to @pawsitforward . . . .

The physical therapist told me I could no longer do a squat all the way down to 90 degrees. Took me a few years but now my range of motion with 60lbs is greater than what it was before the injury without weights! I’ve also gained back at least half of the inch of height My doctor said I lost forever. Both my doctor and physical therapist were very knowledgeable and good at what they do, but there are limits to what one practice alone can accomplish. After combining treatments from a variety of practitioners, plus adding what I know from fitness and nutrition, my injury is almost gone and I feel like a kid again! What did you overcome that doctors told you would be permanent?

Wow, this one was easy...and healthy! @skinnytaste with another winner in this Chicken Avocado Soup! I made a bunch of chicken today in the slow cooker with some water and bouillon, so the chicken was ready to go at dinner time. The only other cooking was the broth that took about 15 minutes! To assemble, you put the chicken (warmed if precooked) in the bowl with diced avocado, and pour the broth over. I’m not usually a fan of soup in the summer but this was fresh and delicious! Recipe in comments. #injuryrecovery

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Justin Lum

Day 12: Flag freeze Testing out the injured shoulder. Can start using it, but still very limited. #injuryrecovery

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Back to it! Had to take some time off for injury recovery, so I’m taking the chance to switch it up a bit: front ! Surprisingly (given my recalcitrant shoulder issues) and through luck, I have the mobility for front . 🤷‍♀️ #injuryrecovery

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