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Deuce Six ♠️ Westluminati (@iwestwest) Instagram Profile Photo

Deuce Six ♠️ Westluminati

Anne-Katel Martineau (@annekatelmartineau) Instagram Profile Photo

Anne-Katel Martineau

Breaking news: TOP 50 best firms in the world in 2019! MEDIASTIC is in the short list ! What a great encouragement for challenges of September 2019! I look forward to receiving the final TOP 50! Thank you Legal Comprehensive! #informationtechnology

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IDI Consulting

We currently have open for teradata engineers and project management. Check out our careers page to see if you’re a qualified candidate! . . . #informationtechnology

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Tricky Science

Comment BIRTH in your language.... - Struggling to get out of your egg today? The South Korean water bug (Muljarus japonicus) lays 30 to 40 eggs every summer and the males carry the eggs on their backs for two weeks until they hatch. However, these baby bugs will need to be on high alert once they enter the world, as water bugs often feed off their own larvae. Talk about a parent trap! 😳🤢 - Comment “BIRTH” Letter By Letter To Win A Shoutout. - ( 📽 : @sciencechannel ) Dm for credit/remove - ▫️ • @trickysci 💡  @trickysci • • @trickysci 💡  @trickysci • • @trickysci 💡  @trickysci • ▫️ | Follow | Comment | Like | ▫️           #informationtechnology                  

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