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Maranda Biediger

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Anusha Chhetri

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My boy Lawren just dropped his debut EP 🔥🔥🔥🔥 “WISH YOU WERE HERE” 💔 out now!

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let Chris fly da boat

“In the bathroom with her got my in her mouth” 😳😳😳 DONT SLEEP ON THIS ONE YALL

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Whatever music video this is for I'm hyped and I really don't care but either song he look tf good 🤤🤤🤤💜💜💜💜💜 (but I do hope its 🤭) • • Reposted from @chrisbrownofficial (@get_regrann) - #indigoseason - ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ #indigoseason 💔🌕

Today I want to share with you some details of the cover I made for @chrisbrownofficial INDIGO album. When he commissioned me to do this cover he was very clear about wanting to convey, "The Indigo Generation" as the concept including crystal glass as title letters. I had some understanding of the subject before, but it was not until then that I began to research it more in-depth. On the cover, you can see human consciousness, religion, political powers, greed, indoctrination, obsolete education, and new era awakening.I placed Pisces and Aquarius constellations, in order to show the change of cycle or change of era. You can also find a mythological being with armor that represents the superior intelligence, sending information of the universe and us as being the receivers. The codifier that society needs for its evolution. Aliens in flying saucers representing the consciousness of the indigos as evolved extraterrestrials, advanced consciousness capable of feeling and seeing the world in another way and acquiring that knowledge of the universe. 1950 the second generation, 11:11 the number of the angel and the awakening of the conscience ... these are just some of the elements that I wanted to share with you today. 250 hours worth of work explained in few words but I hope to someday explain in more detail. #indigoseason

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Nobody: Chris Brown in 2014: @chrisbrownofficial

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