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18 Million Rising (@18millionrising) Instagram Profile Photo

18 Million Rising

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Help us save Hoa Binh Plaza in Philadelphia! This business center has been a landmark in the Southeast Asian refugee community for 30 years. But, now, a developer wants to tear it all down and build expensive condos. We say NO! . . If you're in Philly, come join us, @VietLEAD and @asianamericansunited on July 24 to defend Hoa Binh Plaza from demolition! We need as many supporters as possible at the Zoning Board Adjustment Hearing to fight the developer's plans. 🔗 Event info and link in our bio and stories. . . . . . [Image: A graphic that says "Save Hoa Binh Hai Tien Plaza - Show up at the ZBA meeting!!" There's a photo of several Asian American activists gathered together inside a restaurant. Some are holding signs, others have their fists raised. Below is more text that reads "Development Without Displacement! Come to 1515 Arch St on July 24th at 9 am!"]

Elizabeth Santillan (@greeneyechicana_reina_4) Instagram Profile Photo

Elizabeth Santillan

🇺🇸🇲🇽🇺🇸🇲🇽🇺🇸🇲🇽 "Give me your tired, your poor, Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, The wretched refuse of your teeming shore, Send these, the homeless, tempest-tost to me, I lift my lamp beside the golden door!" #immigrants

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Poco A Poco Latinx Boutique

El Paso, Texas

COMMENT “CLAIM” BELOW TO PURCHASE HAT 💕 I WILL DM YOU FOR DETAILS 💕 All I want for my 30th is for @mercadopocoapoco to be back in business and to make a little difference for our in this up world!! for the rest of the month $5 of every hat sale ($32) will be donated to the @raicestexas fund: LEAF. You can buy a hat for $32- and help me to my goal of $300- or you can donate directly to @raicestexas or any of the following orgs working to help immigrants. Text me your receipt (915-873-5444) if you donate over $50 to any of these orgs- or any org you like that aids #immigrants and and I’ll send you un regalito 🎁 it’s my pinche month and ALL I WANT IN THE WORLD is to make it better for ♥️ ownedbusiness

For those who saw @whentheyseeus and wondered about Nomsa and Elombe Brath, here’s a bit of info: with @get_repost ・・・ Since there is so much talk in the news about Spanish speaking migrants and children's rights in America.We decided to post an old treat for you. It's not Throwback Thursday but it is Flashback Friday We decided to take you back to late 70's when Nomsa, ran for Community School Board 3. She and her slate were the first to create voting flyers in English Spanish mixture in the voting district to get Spanish speaking immigrants involved in educational process. #immigrants

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Andrea Reyes

Reyes Legal, PLLC

🎉ENGLISH🎉 PHEW! Thank goodness its Friday! The was a lean mean working machine this week!💪🤓✊ Aside from the regular work schedule, we send out 3 affirmative asylums, 3 citizenships, a request for evidence, I-601A waiver, 2 court motions and a work authorization! We were also visited from a Client who just arrived in Colombia after being separated from her family for over a year. It’s was not just a good week… IT WAS A PHENOMENAL WEEK!!! . 🎉ESPAÑOL🎉 ¡UF! ¡Que bueno que es viernes ! ¡El fue una máquina de trabajo esta semana! 💪🤓✊ ¡Además del horario regular de trabajo, enviamos 3 asilos afirmativos, 3 ciudadanias, una solicitud de evidencia, perdon I-601A, 2 mociones para la corte de inmigración, y un permiso de trabajo! También nos visitó una clienta que acaba de llegar a Colombia después de haber estado separado de su familia durante más de un año. No fue solo una buena semana ... FUE UNA SEMANA FENOMENAL!!! . . . #immigrants

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Mallerton/tech support

boarder #immigrants Last 10 years destroyed the white race , every over dose is replaced with 4 illegal immigrants we care more for strangers not legal then our homeless and vets is out of control and the party I grew up to believe stood for good turned radical and , I not right or left I'm more common sense based , something colleges can't help with your with, we have white people turning on there own to please straight fools , sound smart around a table of idiots makes u still a idiot , just more special,this country is heading down. The toilet go look at Baltimore and Detroit for confirmation. Most problems start with behavior , if I had no son is where a make America great hat and how many white kids went to public schools raise oh hands how many got jumped for being white , the media starts these problems and frankly if a story for cleaning clicks is important don't at confused when enough is enough and you wind up in the hospital , antifa looks like a female book club hate erica and I'm sick of the media Twitter , and I'm sick of the race excuse , for non motivated leaches .

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