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Floating children Aihwa Ong says 'parachute children' are privileged enough to cross borders. Parachutes are to save a life And a life to live shouldn't be a privilege. I'd suggest hot air baloon children instead a luxury, children stopped by nothing but their own dreams the hot air balloon made of papers from the right passport and money to own the ground to land Or an aeroplane or private-first class-jet child. But what about free-falling children? Constantly falling, and wonder what happens if their lands on a border And hope there is no barbed wire chains on what will be their grave made by a law Or bungee-rope children who try to jump and remember that their feet are forever tied back by a government, their papers making sure you don't step out of your place. Or vest and lifeboat children Floating to a shore made a border And they wonder if the sea or the bullet have more mercy? Or torn slipper children with cracked soles, walking in the borderlands to a greener side Only to be dragged into a camp For running from their own lands broken and ravaged by the greener side? When you are uprooted your lungs filled with and gunpowder Feet with bleeding cracks Skin wrinkled from the sea water Or ears ringing with "go back to were you came from" Or an airport making you wonder who made your skin the colour for danger Or a rejected visa application telling you to know your place Or leaders wearing the same faces of the colonisers that ripped the homeland of your parents ban you Or the police reminds you that the law is injust but it is the law And governments never letting you set root Remember, that flotaing is not always an option And someday you will be in a parachute looking to land safely And all they will see of you: A parachute, invaiding their airspace And a soldier with a trained tongue by leaders strikes And your parachute becomes a shroud #immigrant

π•²π–šπ–†π–‰π–†π–‘π–šπ–•π–Š π•¬π–’π–‡π–—π–”π–˜π–Žπ–” (@ambrosiolupe) Instagram Profile Photo

π•²π–šπ–†π–‰π–†π–‘π–šπ–•π–Š π•¬π–’π–‡π–—π–”π–˜π–Žπ–”

Last night I showed up at my parents apartment wanting to just hold them. The violence towards our communities has been hitting me heavy. I cuddled on my mom crying asking her to think about us leaving. She said that it reminded her of when I hugged her when we were 1st separated while we both took our own individual journey to El Norte. She kissed my forehead and changed the subject showing me a couple of dresses she bought for me. I wiped the tears smiled and spend the night.We watched a animated movie, I laughed, she hugged me , she took care of my inner child. Last night that same night I dreamed of me going back to Mexico and once I arrived I shed so many tears mourning a life I fought so hard to build. Woke up with my eyes feeling heavy. Put on this dress asked my mom to take pictures of me. So this picture is more than a fat women in a dress. I sa fat undocumented women fighting for her family for her community for her own existence. Is me accepting my mother’s gift it’s her way of adorning me of shielding me from my own intrusive thoughts. This photo is generational love is a spell, is healing. #immigrant

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Senor Quan

Never forget when Julius said β€œUnplug that clock boy, you can’t tell time when you asleep. That’s two cents an hour. β€œπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ If you’re seeing this on explore, follow @quans.taco πŸ”₯ #immigrant

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Mollie Gash

Just like my ancestors said, these white men are dangerous. Come see me be distrustful of white people for a few hours (on stage, and the rest of my life off stage). Ragtime at @sopacnow with @lightoperaofnj opens tonight! Ticket link in bio! ✑ #immigrant

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Caribbean Flavas Restaurant

Planet Hatch

A pleasure to have catered for the event @planethatch with Minister of @CitImmCanada @HonAhmedHussen and Fredericton newcomer support organizations and #immigrant @kristar67 @khirallah @roticanacoffee @mikeobrien_fton @booksadprasid @simptek

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My italian immigrant great grandparent's Rosa & Gabriel. Gabriel established himself as a gardener on the Duponts estates. Rosa came to America several years after Gabriel, he first had to get a job and house etc #immigrant

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