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The Rebirth Effect🖤 (@jahathagod_) Instagram Profile Photo

The Rebirth Effect🖤

Tell em “ I ain’t got no time for thatttttttt AY! “ JahaThaGod 👀👀 What y’all think 🔥🔥 or 🗑🗑 “I spit a flow for shawty she talm bout oooo niceee (💁🏽‍♀️: “ooo nice”) “ “I’m ready like a cadence but I ain’t in a stance” 🔥🖤 🤐    #ILoveHipHop

sandra Smith (@wells_animation) Instagram Profile Photo

sandra Smith

Done and have been deliver @marco_wsm187 Nice working with you 🙏🔥💯💯💯 . . . .✋🏽good day 🖌🖌I’m a graphic designer I make logos,flyers,mixtape covers, cartoon music video 🎨🎨let’s work bet you like my prices 🏖🏖. . . . #ilovehiphop

ONEFOURSEVEN (@imyung147) Instagram Profile Photo


Jersey City, New Jersey

Yo I leak this song cuz he don’t drop . 😂 bump 📱 link in @realnjbobby bio

Sound Invasionz (@soundinvasionz) Instagram Profile Photo

Sound Invasionz

Swipe x 6 I Got A Story To Tell (Original Version) by The Notorious B.I.G. This is the version with the original sample that Buckwild had first used for the song. Unfortunately, the sample could not get cleared so that’s why you get a different version of the track on the album. Buckwild explains this all in a video by Genius, titled “The Making of The Notorious B.I.G.’s ‘I Got A Story To Tell’ With Buckwild | Deconstructed” Look it up on YouTube if you get a chance! Via @_retromatic

Jhoselin C Nina (@jhoselincnina) Instagram Profile Photo

Jhoselin C Nina


English Turkish