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Grain Free Vegetarian Healing🌞 (@wellcreature) Instagram Profile Photo

Grain Free Vegetarian Healing🌞

Four years ago, I went to doctor after doctor looking for answers. I was often told food didn’t affect my health, that the food I ate (and that went through my digestive system) had no affect on my DIGESTIVE SYSTEM. At the time I was a vegetarian who ate lots of grains, gluten, dairy etc. When I asked if I should try to eliminate some of those things for a bit and see what happens, the response was “um, i don’t think it’ll do anything but you can if you want to. I would just take this ”. 🤔🤔🤔 I’ve learned so much since then. The greatest teacher: my own and intuition. I’m lucky that I said “screw this” and searched for my own answers. I want more people to be their own health advocates, speak up, and take control of their own health/bodies. Try to find an expert you can trust, of course, but in the end you are the expert on your own and you have the final say. We are so much more than check boxes on a symptoms list or pads. 💪🏻✨ . . . . . . . . #ibswarrior

Do you take or use collagen? Hear me out. There are a MILLION supplements...and it is CONFUSING AF right? This one I'm on board with 100% Collagen! 1. Collagen is a MAJOR component of your skin. Helps it stay smooth as you age and m*ist (cant say that word) 2. Helps alleviate JOINT PAIN. Runners knee..ever heard of it? This helps! 3. Keeps bones stronger and helps promote lean muscle mass. 4. Makes your hair and nails grow faster and stronger. 5. Helps your GUT health ESPECIALLY if you are experiencing symptoms of leaky gut. And since created this one I know it underwent MAJOR testing because they ONLY pass the best of the best. And under $30. Just throw one scoop into a shake or I prefer to stir it Into my coffee (tasteless) Want to try it? Let me know!

Cheesin’ it up on this Monday morning 😊 I love going on weekend adventures, but I always feel great when I get back into my routine! . . I will admit I definitely did not stick to my nutrition plan while away, but you know what, that’s totally okay! You’ve got to enjoy good food with good friends sometimes 🤷🏻‍♀️ I don’t beat myself up over falling off track and neither should you! Today is a new day! You can always get back on track 💪🏻

Digestion + Allergy Detective (@confluencenutrition26) Instagram Profile Photo

Digestion + Allergy Detective

Petrolia, California

Have you ever had a back- flare that happened at the same time as a gut flare? The two are often related. . And if we consider how close our guts are to our low and mid back, this makes a lot of sense, right? . A lot of physical can be general, and non-specific, but I find over and over again that when my clients reduce their inflammatory food burden, their and other symptoms improve. . There are a few unique foods and food groups besides the top 6 inflammatory foods that are connected to back which you may not have considered… . I talk about this and my back flare strategies in this week’s video, link is in bio! . . warrior

Gastroparesis and IBS (@gpandibs) Instagram Profile Photo

Gastroparesis and IBS

Inflammation is the immune system’s response to “foreign invaders”. It sends protector cells to your injury/virus/disease. Inflammation is great if you have a cold and you have your white cells fight it off. However, if your inflammation is too high, that’s when problems can start. Inflammation can cause a lot of and damage to the because it can perceive certain normal cells as invaders and attack them. However, if you have high inflammation, the easiest solution to decrease it! I will be posting a bunch of anti-inflammatory food tips! 🍏🍋🥦🥑🥒🍳🥗🍵 warrior

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