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Oliver Akers

So I’m making some characters for a Carnival act. The holiday is the Vermillion Festival of Lights, somewhat like a fall solstice, to mystify and calm and show good cheer. The act she belongs to is called The Paracosmic Carnival, who are a traveling circus with all sorts of people around. They belong to the narrative that runs with PPHA, and I fully plan on working on some story boarding at the very least. Frau Ulfa Eigengrau, a wolf faunus afflicted with Hypertrichosis (Werewolf syndrome). Her act involves telling a tale of a feared creature that lived deep within the Ebonwoods, and how a dark fate meets everyone who enters. She first appears as a savage, but is later revealed to be a hero despite being antisocial and uncivilized due to her affliction. It’s a tall tale, as she was actually born into a Faunus family who actually saw her affliction as something precious. She left to join the circus as she had a knack for entertainment. Out of the act, she is the most precious and caring person anyone knows. She likes girly things a lot, and is actually very accepting of her own . She leans into being aggressive in her act, but in truth is the most cuddly person in the circus. She is a good 6’4, and is also the strongest act in the circus, her semblance allowing her to lift well over three times her own weight. She wears fake contacts, nails, and sharpened canines. She is married to another fellow circus actor. She is 34. #hypertrichosis

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