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Gel-clear Ltd (@gelclearltd) Instagram Profile Photo

Gel-clear Ltd

Inovine Pakistan-a provider of accurate & highly complex 3D printers, industrial-grade materials, maximum performance, and future-ready 3D printing experience. With ultimate accessibility. Let's Work Together. Call Now for assistance +92 51 5424078 or visit r

Calwest Refrigeration Inc® (@calwestrefrigeration) Instagram Profile Photo

Calwest Refrigeration Inc®

Anaheim, California

Completed 96ft meat line up by CWR at FreshChoice Market Place r

Zachary Joel (@mrzachary_joel) Instagram Profile Photo

Zachary Joel

⬆️❤️LINK IN BIO❤️⬆️ PLEASE HELP!!!❤️🧡💜💙💚💛 Today my 11 year old niece Lilly is battling a very rare bone cancer called Osteosarcoma. Lily has always been the funny, happy , energetic daughter, sister, cousin, and friend of the bunch. Lily is surrounded with lots of love and support from family, friends , and an exquisite caring staff at Phoenix Children’s Hospital where she has been doing her Chemotherapy these last 6 months. What I love most about Lily is her bravery and optimistic thinking as it brings her positive energy and makes everyone around her smile through this difficult time in her life. My sister April has to be one of the strongest mothers in the world to be able to stand strong for her daughter Lily and her three other children. As a single mother of 4 these last couple of months have been hard for April, not only emotionally tough but financially as well. With having to take lots of time off from work, bills still needing to be paid and currently not having a vehicle of her own times are extremely difficult . We are asking on behalf of April, Lily and her family if you could find it in your heart to make a donation to Lily’s GoFund me . All donations whether it be $1 or $5 is greatly appreciated. Above all Prayers and positive energy for Lily is needed and highly appreciated, please keep Lily in your prayers at home and in church. Lily you will beat cancer baby girl! Keep fighting strong you are never alone because we are all fighting with you, We love you !!!!! ♥️ r r

The Refrigeration School (RSI) (@refrigerationschool) Instagram Profile Photo

The Refrigeration School (RSI)

RSI graduate Donny Jaeger working on an AAON unit. 🔧 Here's the project, in his own words: This unit is somewhat complex, as it has VFDs built into the cabinet. What you see here are contactors, relays and phase monitors. They are just high-dollar components to make the unit look good so they can charge more, but like Dave in the first phase says, "Think function." This is the same as just about any unit. Want to show off your own HVAC projects? Send us your most awesome pictures and videos! . . . . . . . r

SuperCool Group (@supercoolgroup) Instagram Profile Photo

SuperCool Group

Viper Coil Cleaner is non-toxic, odourless, non-flammable and biodegradable, so can be used safely in any environment. It’s the perfect cleaner for small and hard-to-access coils, with a narrow pin jet spray pattern that ensures foam penetrates between the fins. This was the first food industry compliant (NSF certified) aerosol degreaser on the market.⠀ ⠀ This @refrigerationtechnologies Viper‬ product is:⠀ ✅ NSF Certified for use in and around food processing areas⠀ ✅ EPA Certified⠀ ✅ Non-Toxic⠀ ✅ Biodegradable⠀ ✅ Safe for the environment and you as the ⠀ ✅ The choice of professional #HVACR technicians worldwide⠀ ✅ Available from all leading HVACR suppliers⠀ Learn more 👉 (link in bio)⠀ @refrig⠀⠀

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