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HVAC Service & Installation (@jandjheatingandairconditioning) Instagram Profile Photo

HVAC Service & Installation

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Jonathan Legere

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Portland, Oregon

Job-site visit today! Great views... #hvac

Do not let unexpected breakdown ruin your day. Our #HVAC service will help you cool things down quickly; we pride to be your local Handyman !,

Pueblo, Colorado

50 ton chiller. Brought this bad boy back to life. 3 phase 600 volt. Gut check. #hvac

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Danny Noorian

Johnnie Fox's Irish Snug

Double check the problem by ISOLATING what you think it may be. Here, we had the breaker keep tripping every time the walk in cooler was l turned on. So, what I did was disconnect the compressor from the unit and then turned the breaker on. And BREAKER DID NOT TRIP!!! What that means is that the compressor was causing the breaker to trip. #hvac

Bueno aquí apenas revisando mis correos, y en chinga haciendo cambios de proyecto #HVAC

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The Strip

Leaks late at night 👌#hvac #hvac

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