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Gabrielle Rosanne Oliver

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Joshua Suguitan

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ellie 🍓

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Stephanie Lin

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Merline Tanise

Hannah Lepine 👋🏼 (@fromworriertowarrior) Instagram Profile Photo

Hannah Lepine 👋🏼

🧼 K O H 🧼 I did it! I’ve been thinking of buying the @cleanedbykoh products for a while now and with a tax return just around the corner what a perfect time to try it! My plan is to place an atomiser and cloths in my cleaning baskets for each room of the house. This will help to quickly clean each area and will be safe around the baby 👶🏼 Have you used Koh before? What are your thoughts? #homeowners

Melissa Esau (@homesbymelie) Instagram Profile Photo

Melissa Esau

I so happy for these first time home buyers ! They picked a great home and I going to be so excited as we are able to witness their fily grow into the space ! Congratulations Anthony & Abigail !!! 6509 Clear Brook has CLOSED!!! owners

Melissa Esau (@homesbymelie) Instagram Profile Photo

Melissa Esau

My Heart is so full ! I filled with the brightest ount of happy joy right now ! I would like to congratulate my clients and friends on this momentous occasion .... Rain Cloud Trl is UNDER CONTRACT !!!! owners

Kiley Hapner (@homeswithhapner) Instagram Profile Photo

Kiley Hapner

Chandler, Arizona

🏡🔑Congratulations Austin and Janicia!! I'm so happy that we found your HOME!! I know you'll be very HAPPY and create AWESOME memories with your family & friends. 🔑🏡 . . #homeowners 🥂

Crissy Moran (@moran.crissy) Instagram Profile Photo

Crissy Moran

If you’ve ever been through a major home remodel, you know how awful it can be. The stress, the dust, the constant stream of workers. It’s a major disruption. In fact, I work with buyers all the time who would rather move than live through it! Of course, after it’s over, most homeowners are glad they decided to remodel and love the results. But will the financial investment pay off when it comes time to sell? My latest blog post answers that question. Find out, which home renovation projects offer the highest and lowest returns at resale. Then message me or comment below if you’d like a free customized analysis of your upcoming project. I can help you determine how it will impact the value of your home.

Becky Wejroch (@rabaybay2.0) Instagram Profile Photo

Becky Wejroch

Just some afters and befores...I think I’m at that honeymoon phase in my life with my house that even seeing the smallest changes, regardless of the clean up that follows, I’m happy to see the progress, and for that I’m thankful for my job making it all possible. I used to think I couldn’t do it, now I know I can. #homeowners

Holly Locklear (@hlocklear23) Instagram Profile Photo

Holly Locklear

Jacksonville, Florida

“Remember the days you prayed for the things you have now” 🏠👫🐶💕 ⁣ ⁣ #homeowners

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