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Excellence Cleaning Pros (@excellencecleaningpros) Instagram Profile Photo

Excellence Cleaning Pros

Santa Clarita, California

DID YOU KNOW THAT FOR AS LITTLE AS $150-$200 YOU CAN GET YOUR HOME PROFESSIONALLY MAINTAINED AND WITH THAT YOU WILL HAVE ONE LESS THING TO WORRY ABOUT, WILL MAINTAIN THE VALUE OF YOUR HOME, & GIVE YOU A PRICELESS FEELING šŸ™ŒšŸ¼ Excellence Cleaning Pros is a small business with a small team of friendly hardworking professionally trained cleaners. We are fully insured, and specialize in home maintenance, Detailing/Restoration and Thorough Cleanings, including residue removal, professional window cleaning, carpet cleaning, and more! Our services include all Cleaning supplies (ECO friendly), including new sponges, disinfected microfiber towels, detailing brushes, and all cleaning commercial equipment. Nevertheless, always have a supervisor or team leader on every appointment. maintenance

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Such A Neat Freak

Todays purge and organize was so much fun! This basement is 1400sf and filled with all the memories! Water in the basement last week is the reason we are clearing out now rather than the fall as originally planned. Kudos to our clients for busting the move and making fast decisions! 3 truck loads to donation and a very large trash pile! (The picture of the recycle at lunch break is the only one I took) #homemaintenance (@vegasdata) Instagram Profile Photo

Repairs to Increase the Value of Your Home . āž”ļø . . . . #homemaintenanceĀ Ā Ā 

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