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Facials With Laura (@larchmont_laura) Instagram Profile Photo

Facials With Laura

Los Angeles, California

PUT 👏🏻 YOUR 👏🏻SHEET 👏🏻MASKS 👏🏻IN 👏🏻THE👏🏻FRIDGE. Have you ever tried a fresh sheet mask on a hot summer day? 🌞🌞🌞 How do we beat this heat? Let’s just say summer is not my favorite season, so I have to find ways to cope with feeling like I’m melting 🍦. Ya girl loves masks, and sheet masks are some of my favorite. These @lemieux bi-cell hyaluronic acid sheet masks are a holy grail item for me. I use them for every skin concern in the book: after extractions, after being in the sun too long, general dehydration... the list goes on! 💆🏻‍♀️ ☀️☀️Want to take the freshness to another level? Place your stone roller in the fridge and roll over your fresh mask! Make sure you place your roller in a plastic bag, and store it in the fridge during the summertime. Who’s melting? Not me 😁FOR BOOKINGS: LINK IN BIO ❤️ #holistic

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Lucid Village

•Unlearn ~ Relearn_Unplug• Follow @lucidvillage for daily inspiration 🦅 Turn on our post notifications! 🛎 🦅 Tap the 💚 button if you like this & tag a friend who would love & need this

Nancy Lin DeGregori (@lovelightandbliss) Instagram Profile Photo

Nancy Lin DeGregori

An important step to remember in handstand is to avoid putting too much pressure on your wrists. By activating your core and building up your arm muscles you can find new areas of strength to pull from for your best inversion.⁠ .⁠ .⁠ .⁠ #holistic

▪️A new study from Harvard researchers has now shown how fasting can increase lifespan, slow aging and improve health by altering the activity of mitochondrial networks inside our cells. ▪️Mitochondria are a little like tiny power plants inside our cells. Last year a team of researchers led by Newcastle University successfully showed how mitochondria are fundamental to the aging of cells. ▪️The new research from Harvard shows how the changing shapes of mitochondrial networks can affect longevity and lifespan, but more importantly the study illustrates how fasting manipulates those mitochondrial networks to keep them in a "youthful" state. ▪️Recent and accumulating work in unicellular and invertebrate organisms, rodents, monkeys, and humans indicates that diet has a much more pervasive and prominent role than previously thought in modulating mechanisms of aging and its associated diseases. ▪️I only recommend fasting to people who already have a healthy relationship with food. ⬇️ VIA @plantifulfact . . . #holistic

I cannot wait to add IlluminEyes and Olive Essentials to my supplement corner! Oh and Master Formula, which isn’t new, just new to me, and will take me to a whole ‘nother level of healthy 🤘🏻I’ll take it, especially after this not so healthy road trip. @youngliving

Healing Together (@energyhealingtogether) Instagram Profile Photo

Healing Together

Santa Clarita, California

Join Shannon and I this Thursday evening for an amazing healing experience: Sound Bath & Reiki 💚 . ✨What is a Sound Bath?✨ Sound baths are meant to help facilitate a shift in your brainwave state. It is about allowing the sounds and frequencies to take you from a conscious (beta) state of mind to a deeper (alpha) state...and even further, to a theta (meditative) state, which is where true internal healing occurs. . A Sound Bath is an ideal experience for anyone who desires to gain the benefits of meditation - whether you are experienced with meditation already or you are a newbie! . During our Sound Bath, Shannon shares her passion with us by playing a variety of instruments including: . ✨ Crystal Singing Bowls ✨ Tibetan Bowls ✨ Gongs ✨ Chimes . ✨What is Reiki?✨ The term 'Reiki' means "spiritually guided life force energy." It is a Japanese technique based on the life force energy that flows within us to promote relaxation, stress reduction, and facilitate healing. . Working specifically with the main 7 Chakras, Reiki treats the whole person, including the mind, emotions, body, and Spirit, and works wonderfully as a solo treatment as well as in conjunction with all other medical/therapeutic treatments. . During our Sound Bath, Kristen will be helping to facilitate deeper healing within all of us as she grounds our energies, helps to clear and remove any blockages, and leave us feeling glowing and at peace. ✨ . When: July 24th 7:00-8:30pm ✨ Location: 18364 Soledad Canyon Rd Santa Clarita, Ca ✨ $34 Energy Exchange Venmo: Kristen-A-Medina . RSVP highly recommended! . Please, bring with you plenty of cushion/padding to ensure your comfort during our session. A yoga mat, blankets, and pillows are suggested items. . We will begin promptly at 7pm. Please, arrive 10 minutes prior to check in, use the restroom, and get situated! . . . #holistic

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