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Ms Marcos Almeida (@msmarcosalmeida) Instagram Profile Photo

Ms Marcos Almeida

Nicole Tough Dressage 🇦🇺🐴 (@nicole_tough_dressage) Instagram Profile Photo

Nicole Tough Dressage 🇦🇺🐴

Holy WOW is all I can say about the Laura Graves Masterclass today at the Brisbane CDI. What a completely awesome educational experience🤓. Cannot thank Leesa Murray enough for continuing to bring these Masters of our sport to QLD to educate and inspire us💕. Very much looking forward to my lessons on with Laura this week💪🏻😎. @lauragravesdressage #highperformance

Futura Cricket (@futuracricket) Instagram Profile Photo

Futura Cricket

Durban, KwaZulu-Natal

Brandon joined us at our 3 day High Performance Camp earlier this month. . . There is a bright future for this cricket player and we are super excited to see how far he goes! . . We loved having you with us Brando, glad we were able to add value 🔥 #highperformance

DreamAchieve (@_dreamachieve_) Instagram Profile Photo


Queres ter Razão ou queres Melhorar?🔥 Áudio 🎧 completo aqui: Próxima semana: ||Foco: Modo Ninja|| Acompanha-nos em direto aos sábados às 21:30 🔴🎥 Insta: Face: #highperformance

Performance Through Health (@performancethroughhealth) Instagram Profile Photo

Performance Through Health

Perth, Western Australia

Have you ever found yourself falling off track with your habits? You have lots of tasks to complete your plate, but you’re struggling for motivation to get them completed? I have found that preparing healthy and nutritious food, high in quality helps provide motivation and drive to complete your objectives and succeed. Research suggests that diets high in high GI carbohydrates, saturated and fats, and an imbalance in omega 6/omega 3 polyunsaturated fatty acids ratio, are associated with increased inflammation (Galland, 2010). Chronic low-grade inflammation from such diets may depletes dopamine, and contribute to the degeneration of connecting cells that communicate dopamine activity. Dopamine is the brain messenger chemical that signals when something important is about to happen. It’s what motivates us to succeed. Dopamine is released when completing small tasks, sharing the good news, and take steps towards accomplishing a challenge. This week I have noticed my motivation to work-out fall. Last Sunday, I failed to prepare my food, and as a result, my diet was off. I made some poor food choices that contributed to a lack of energy and motivation to achieve my physical goals. Today I want to educate you on food sources that may increase dopamine and potentially improve your motivation. Comment below for further discussions or drop me a DM to receive some free advice today.

@thefitgarden (@thefitgarden) Instagram Profile Photo


🍷 It is OK to take a break sometimes. You do not need to be perfect 100% of the time. Take a deep breath, enjoy the life and do your best to have an healthy life. Do not forget that to be too serious means that your stress level can be higher. Life as to BE fun ! Do not forget it... @thefitgarden @florianbenjaminlomme #highperformance

Body Coaching High Performance (@bodycoachinghp) Instagram Profile Photo

Body Coaching High Performance

Body Coaching High Performance

SUNDAY | The perfect day to give your some much needed rest & recovery 👐🏼  To ensure you can maintain a high level of intense training, specifically throughout our 8-week challenge it is vital to listen to your ✔️  Perhaps you would benefit from spending your Sunday undergoing active recovery. This may be in the form of a long walk, yoga class or a stretch/recovery session ✨  Talk to our trainers if you need any advice 🙌🏼 . . . . . . . . . . . . coaching #highperformance 

KAWASAKI FANPAGE (@kawasaki.planet) Instagram Profile Photo


NINJA H2 Always wins 🔥🔥🔥 --------------------------------------------- ~like and follow us for more❤️🔥~ --------------------------------------------- photo: unknown --------------------------------------------- #highperformance

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