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Anissa Barr


"OKAMI" Garry Gibbs II

Seth Rollins Reveals Why it is Easy to Hate WWE, Opens Up On Brock Lesnar and SummerSlam 2019.. #heel

윤지은 Jieun Yoon 💎 (@bbz_captain.zizi) Instagram Profile Photo

윤지은 Jieun Yoon 💎

OFD-Oriental Fem Dance

🔥 와 오늘 OFD 홀 안에 산소 부족해서 죽는 줄 알았다!! 하지만 OFD MOOD는 진짜 무시 못한다. 어마무시해😭😭😭 그리고 윤지은 9cm 도전했는데!!! 워후!!! 불타올라ㅜㅜㅜ 다리근육은 불타오르지만 덕분에 화면에 그득그득 나오는 게 좋아. The LOVE❤️ ⠀ Choreography : Song : @usher @ofd_onlyforward ⠀ 👠 : @ssimeez_official #heel

“In the great scheme of Gundog training, trialling and working it should be obvious as to whom is in command...but sometimes, just are not really sure who!” • How many people can relate to this? 😅 • #heel

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Borso del Grappa

The bride's shoes often remain hidden under beautiful clothes, but they reveal so the character of her character 💎

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☀️🌊👶 Перше море, перший пісочок. Все таке нове та цікаве! Для малюка перша поїздка на узбережжя - це яскраві емоції. Але діткам важко справитись з великою кількістю вражень. Результат - нервове збудження. Дитина стає дратівливою, плаче без причини, не може заснути. У таких випадках може стати в пригоді Вібуркол. Препарат має седативну, спазмолітичну, протизапальну та знеболювальну дію. Випускається у формі супозиторіїв. Не таблетка, не укол. Буде зручно, Вібуркол.🚀😀 #heel # kids #

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TUTIN Collection

Truffle Collection chunky lace up boots in sand #heel

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Olympia Dog Training

Good heel Bindi! A strict loose leash walk is beneficial to all dog personalities and can help manage and improve countless behavior issues. . When a dog is walking in a command by your side, they are calmer, more controlled, safer, exercising impulse control, and lacking the freedoms that can get them into trouble on their walks. . For dogs with severe and fear like Bindi, a structured walk makes them feel safer, teaches them to trust their owner to lead them, and eliminates the chaotic mindset that can come with too much freedom in a scary world. Bindi is growing in confidence every day, it’s amazing to see her transformation 💜 #heel

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