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Finished up the boiler repipe, first floor zone with high output base, and second floor cast iron radiators separated with some leftover @viegallc pureflow radiant manifolds left over from another job. Also added in the @adey_na @adey_pro magnaclean pro 2xp. 💸 #heatingengineer

Blackfriars, London

I’m not one to go raving about tools most of the time as I think each to their own depending on what your budget is... but iv had this @fein_uk Multimaster multitool now for about a year and I love it! This is the 3rd multitool I’ve owned in about 3years and it’s by far the best! I used it today for the first time with their new Carbide tipped blades and it didn’t miss a beat whether I went through metal, wood or plastic! If your in the market for a new one I would highly recommend this without hesitation 🥰 Enjoy!! - - - engineer

Triple H Hydronics Inc. (@triplehhydronics) Instagram Profile Photo

Triple H Hydronics Inc.

Calgary, Alberta

Follow @triplehhydronics for more great content!! Tag someone who would like this!! Double tap if you like what you see!! . . Calgary based hydronics manufacturer!! Visit our website or contact us anytime 403-236-1211 . . engineer

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Louis Watts Plumbing Solutions

LOUIS WATTS Plumbing Solutions

💧🎉 PLUMBING PROMOTION! 🎉💧 . . 🔎WHERE'S WATTS?🔎 . . 💥10% OFF ANY PLUMBING WORK!💥 . . 🔧 As we are now your new local trusted plumber, we are running this all new promotional offer!🔧 . This offer will run until midnight of the 31st August 2019. How do you claim🤔?????? - just need to spot the new sign written work vehicle, take a picture, share to any social media with us tagged and then give us a message to book in! That simple. - Now the rules - 1. The vehicle can not be spotted within a 0.25 mile radius of the business address or your own address. 2. This offer only applies to work/quotes done from the date of this post. Any work quoted before this date, will not be valid for a discount. 3. The work has to be booked within the promotional period. However, the work itself can be carried out at any time, unless the quote has an stated expiry date. . 🕵️‍♂️Happy hunting!🕵️‍♂️ . . . . . . . . . . . . . engineer

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Katlu montāža


Понеслась очередная котельная. Будет смонтирован интересный и уникальный в своём классе котел, позже сделаю на него обзор. 👨‍🔧 engineer

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