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Hitachi Cooling & Heating NZ

Have complete control of your environment with Hitachi cooling & heating. andcooling

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Tyler Holland

Some days are tougher than others in this trade. Yesterday was one of those days. Changed a compressor in a 20-ish year old carrier split system on a of a roof top. Got it all up and running then got called back out a couple hours later at 5PM for no cool again. Found a rub out where the condenser coil meets the tube sheet. Who’s got two thumbs and about to drag ALL his back up to the roof? 👍🏻THIS GUY👍🏻. I suspect someone had tried to make a repair in that area before. Sometimes you’re the hammer🔨, sometimes you’re the nail. . . . . . #heatingandcooling

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Ben Thomson (Bam Bam)


One of the harder installs we have had to do lately. Two systems, 4 heads, drop ceilings, and a whole lot of dry wall cutting 🛠 Drywallers are coming in on Monday to box in the lines and patch the holes 🎨 ************************************************ #heatingandcooling

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Fizlyn Enterprise Offical

Chemical Overhaul . . . . . SUDAH 6 BULAN TAK SERVICE AIRCOND ? Siapa dekat sini ada masalah aircond tak sejuk ? Kemungkinan besar aircond anda sudah lama tak service sebenarnya... . - . USAH RISAU... BIAR KAMI BANTU ANDA... MASALAH ANDA BAKAL BERAKHIR... . . . Sila hubungi kami di no 019-7229935 / 01129881634 untuk lebih info. WHATSAPP LINKS IN BIO. 😉😉😉 . . Run 🏃🏃🏃 #heatingandcooling

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Christmas Air and Heating

Flower Mound, Texas

When you're relaxing on vacation, you shouldn't have to worry about coming back to a house that's hotter than the Sahara. ⠀ ⠀ Text us anytime for emergency HVAC services! Yes, we've been known to even respond at o-dark-thirty.

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DB Graphics & Wraps Inc.

Two vans completed today to keep their customers cool for the upcoming heatwave. andcooling

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Kendall Hedges

Like the wicked witch, they dropped a house on it!!! I’m so excited (and grateful) to get the opportunity to build something that’s all mine, the way I want it! Now comes all of the work... #heatingandcooling

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