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Line E Nilsen Seljelid (@line_elisabet) Instagram Profile Photo

Line E Nilsen Seljelid

Aqui o bagulho é doido (@universojoade) Instagram Profile Photo

Aqui o bagulho é doido

Enquanto falam mal dela, ela tá bem plena amores, viaja para onde quiser com o próprio dinheiro com 17 anos bbs, podem falar, garanto que isso não atinge ela em porra nenhuma, pq ela é um mulherão bem resolvido e muito bem sucedido por sinal😘 Antes de fazer uma crítica destrutiva, vê se você pode fazer melhor 😘✊🏻 Segurem a emoção aí amores! Bjinhos @jadepicon . . . . . . . . . . . . . #hatter

Bangkok, Thailand

In Thailand I always kept my eye out to see if people we rockin newsboy caps and much to my surprise they are a thing in Asia! It was a cool feeling, because when I would cruise the city I would randomly come across a person wearing a cap and there was always an automatic connection between the both of us. They had their fit and of course I had my brero on. Crazy, how you can be on the other side of the earth and have a connection with someone over a garment. There was one encounter I would say was the epitome of them all and it was at this super lowkey bar that I randomly found in an alley as I was using the Thai toilet system(good ole on the wall) as I finished I heard some live music and chatter which sparked my curiosity, so I wandered down this alley that had the impression of a labyrinth with so many sharp turns and tall walls I felt skeptical, but I soon found the end and that end was this shotgun style bar that was literally part of the alley itself. I slowly walked in scanning the area and as I turned to the right I locked eyes with the singer of the band who was wearing a newsboy cap and in the middle of his song hat tips me, showing the sign of respect and I stood there and had to take a moment and in that moment I felt one with time as if I who I’m suppose to be and I will never forget that feeling. It really showed me that brero is becoming a thing and it can influence. So I will always strive to make the best it can be and continue to tell our story. @hallowedbethyne13 . . ter

DOHEY & GOODS (@doheyandgoods) Instagram Profile Photo



⚡️Khaki for @oatthedesign commissioned by @dr_stirling as a top secret birthday present ! 🎈⚡️

Ulmarra, New South Wales

Plum and black knit felt cloche with black fur trim and vintage embellishment. Visit us soon in beautiful

L.V. Hat and Home (@lauravegamillinery) Instagram Profile Photo

L.V. Hat and Home

Disneyland is not the happiest place on earth...🌊☀️⛱🏝 . 🌊 #hatter


3rd hat for our favourite actor @tail_wagging , custom fedora with traditional handwoven hatband from west sumatera (Sumba) 🎩🇮🇩 Thanks brother Ryan for introducing us to one of our great ancestor's heritage, sumba "tenun ikat" (traditional handwoven fabrics). . . ter

NEKOKAMURI /hatter:Mina Fujii (@mina.nekokamuri) Instagram Profile Photo

NEKOKAMURI /hatter:Mina Fujii

2019.7.16 今週の発送はみんな違う形 whipberet/naturalが無いのも 非常に珍しい! . 順次発送いたします もう少々お待ちください◎ . 発送が終われば今週末の 準備です . 【next event】 HandMadeInJapanFes2019 7/20(土)〜7/21(日) 11:00-19: 東京ビッグサイト西ホール NEKOKAMURIは両日【J-40】 . 日本各地で活動する3.000名のクリエイターが一堂に会するフェスティバル。オリジナル作品を販売するマーケット、伝統工芸によるワークショップ、さらに人気フェスバンドの迫力のライブステージに手作りフードまで盛りだくさん。第8回となるこの夏、さらにパワーアップして開催する今年のテーマは「みんなの宝島」。宝探しのような気持ちで自分だけのお気に入りとの出会いをお楽しみください! . . 是非被りに来てくださいね◎ #hatter

Nicholson Hat Co. (@nicholsonhatco) Instagram Profile Photo

Nicholson Hat Co.

Nicholson Hat Co.

Custom open crown for the queen herself @makepie 👑• 4 1/2” brim, pencil roll & personal stamp inside from her husband. They came in together for their anniversary and got each other custom forever hats ✨ This girl is a crazy good jewelry designer and I can’t wait for mine! Have a fabulous anniversary in Texas y’all! . . . . . . ter

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