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nazeem usman gomna

A lovely morning long hack! #hacking @nlh.x

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Prime Tech Support

Miami, Florida

Yesterday, a telecommunication vendor called our office because his servers were behaving, 🧐 and his regular IT Specialist was not around to solve the issue. 😟 The first thing I checked was the security log πŸ€“ and to my surprise, the servers had more than 25,000 login failures.🀯 I told the customer that somebody was trying to hack his serversπŸ’€ and the next step was to check his firewall.πŸ•΅οΈβ€β™€οΈ To make the story short, whoever set up his firewall didn’t do a good job 😢 and his servers were exposed with typical ports open. Fortunately for him, he acted quickly because he has some computer knowledge and felt that something was not right. πŸ‘¨β€πŸ’» We secured his network and explained everything found. We recommended a better firewall with total security because he has users connecting remotely, and the VPNs needs to be setup. We will continue with this customer today and expects him to follow our recommendations regarding the security of his network. You know this is a small office, the customer told me. I thought this will never happen to me. 😫I told him that most of our new clients think the same way about security, but this could happen to anyone. Hackers are applying every day new techniques to vulnerate public and personal systems. ☠ The moral of this case is:β€œ Leave your IT Services to a trusted company", πŸ€“ take into account that your network performance affects the productivity and security of your business!πŸ“ˆ . . #hacking

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