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Karen Kendall (@passive_chaos) Instagram Profile Photo

Karen Kendall


HARSHA | Business Strategist (@harsha_abhijit) Instagram Profile Photo

HARSHA | Business Strategist

~ 5 years ago my favorite two mantras were, ‘live life like today is your last day’ & ‘I my own favorite’. ~ I can’t believe how my own statement and beliefs have changed so much that sometimes I don’t recognize the person I have become for good and for bad! People from my past say, ‘we miss you’, ‘the crazy you’. And people from present wants me to ‘grow up’ and ‘take more responsibilities’. ~ I don’t know what and how everything changed but I new me! ~ Fun question??? What do you like the most about me??? And I will reply with what I like about you the most ❤️🤗 . . . #growingupsucks

I miss the days when my toughest decision was deciding between brown and red hair. #growingupsucks

Felt cute, might delete later.. #growingupsucks

Brittany Nicole (@brittkullman) Instagram Profile Photo

Brittany Nicole

My early morning thoughts consist of mostly wishing I wasn't the I and that life ce with a FAQ manual!! I swear Peter Pan forgot me on his way to Neverland!! I never reallly wanted to gro up, I enjoyed being young and nearly carefree!! ingsucks #growingupsucks

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Alfred Quintana

Rubiks Arcade Bar


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Kyla Ann👑

Sleeping in her own bed has been a struggle but every night she goes to her bed and she starts off by sleeping there! Some nights she sleeps there all night and some she comes to me in the early morning. But we are trying and being consistent even when I feel like giving in. #GrowingUpSucks

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