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Morgan Lindenschmidt (@totalglut) Instagram Profile Photo

Morgan Lindenschmidt

Grilled pork chop, creamed spinach w red onion, and a jalapeno cucumber salad. I usually think about my meals having 3 boxes to check: veg/plant, protein, and carb. The healthy fat ALWAYS work its way in because fat makes things taste good (telling it like it is). When you eat enough macroµnutrients (and in the right balance for your body!), you'll have tons more energy. I remember when I was restricting like crazy, I would feel so drowsy and then end up binging on carbs. Out w the old, in w the new - the new being you NOT BEING HUNGRY AND UNSATISFIED 24/7!!!!! The new is not being afraid of food. The new is knowing the you deserve pleasure 💖 as a personal example, this creamed spinach was a great source of personal pleasure. First time making it! My cucumber salad has jalapeno, @traderjoes EBTB seasoning, cilantro, ACV, and flax oil. My tummy is very happy thank you to Niko for grilling my chop! edmeat

julian halim · 林福安 (@julianh89) Instagram Profile Photo

julian halim · 林福安

Gyubee Japanese Grill

Taking advantage of vacation days from work to enjoy Japanese BBQ (aka Yakiniku) all-you-can-eat with cheaper weekdays’ price at @gyubeejapanesegrill. 👌🏻 Holy shit, apparently this Japanese BBQ tastes even better than ALL Korean BBQ places I’ve ever had in Toronto. 😱 That was sooo good. 🤤 🇯🇵 . . . #grilledmeat

杉本 真也

杉本 真也 "Shinya Sugimoto"

ここの焼肉おいしかったな〜 〆のキムチスープめしが忘れられない #grilledmeat

Madeline Barry (@swheatescape) Instagram Profile Photo

Madeline Barry

Some of my favorite meals only consist of a protein, a vegetable, and a really good sauce. This pork chop recipe has a delicious cherry chipotle sauce on top of it, and it's everything I could have wanted in the moment. You'll find it in the cookbook! #grilledmeat

Yvon Goetz (@chefyg) Instagram Profile Photo

Yvon Goetz

All locations serving amazing Double R Ranch New York and Bone In Ribeye 🥩... delicious #grilledmeat

Blue Rhino (@bluerhinoco) Instagram Profile Photo

Blue Rhino

We just learned some people don’t know how to grill chicken properly! 😲 Let us help you maintain juicy and flavorful chicken with our Cheat Sheet to Grilled Chicken - . . . . . meat

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