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Frank Mamasioulas (@fotiosmamasioulas) Instagram Profile Photo

Frank Mamasioulas

Skouterá, Aitolia Kai Akarnania, Greece

So over 10 days ago I went and picked up some fresh Rigani from the old family home up in the mountain. I left it out to dry and now it is ready to be de-stemmed and put through a special sifting tool. The smell is amazing spreading through the entire home. 🇬🇷 #greekorigano

Anna Lindström (@annalin50) Instagram Profile Photo

Anna Lindström

Lunch idag är fettuccine, kycklingköttbullar från Ikea och grekisk/italiensk sallad. Gott! 🍅 #greekorigano

Eleftheria Zavalis 🎶 (@eleftheriazavalis) Instagram Profile Photo

Eleftheria Zavalis 🎶

Paris, France

Όταν δεν είσαι πια στην Ελλάδα, φέρε την Ελλάδα σε εσένα! #GreekOrigano

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