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Greek World (@greek_world) Instagram Profile Photo

Greek World

Greek World

🇬🇷These Greek photo frames would be a great addition to any house to display your favourite photo from Greece! Makes a wonderful gift idea! Measures 7.5x9.5 inches. Holds 4x6 inch photos. Comes with easel to sit on table or hung on a wall with rope on rear. #Greek

Bir Takım Uğraşlar (@ugraslarbirtakim) Instagram Profile Photo

Bir Takım Uğraşlar

İnsanlar arasındaki ayrım, iyi ya da kötü olmalarına göre belirlendiğine göre, bütün ahlaki özelliklerimiz eninde sonunda iyi-kötü karşıtlığında ortaya çıkar. (, , bölüm 2, paragraf 1, s. 20) #greek #

Giulia Preziuso, M.A., MHC (@mydefiningmoment) Instagram Profile Photo

Giulia Preziuso, M.A., MHC

You Did It

Blame shifting is a type of cognitive distortion used to avoid ownership and responsibilities for one's individual behavior. Blame shifting is believing that someone else is responsible for your choices. Ex. Your significant other says "you made me do this" vs taking responsibility for their behaviors. This is often used by abusive personality types in order to create confusion in their partners sense of self. Partners in these types of unhealthy relationships tend to have codependency and people-pleasing syndromes and will likely blame themselves for their partner's bad behavior. It's's not your fault, wake up and pay attention, you deserve better. 💯 ♻️ the hysterical @crazybitchprobs_

We would like to extend a huge thank you to @makeshift_creations for building our beautiful letters, as well as sisters Sarah, @loeweiner, and everyone else who helped paint them! 💙💛 • • • • • • • • #greek

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