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We have goats! Our Urban Goat Collective, made up of neighbours and friends, recently welcomed two lovely goats - Cypress (the brown Toggenburg) and Myrtle (the black British Alpine). • Each day a different member has the responsibility of milking, feeding, walking, and generally showering affection on the goats. It means that we each get 3-4 litres of milk a week - enough for coffees and making cheese, but don't have to milk every day, which could start to feel like a chore. • The goats are in their own 450 square metre fenced area and have spacious accommodation, which they share with 4 relaxed chickens, who clean up after them and keep any pests and parasites to a minimum. • cheese  

I have to be honest here, these rocked! #goatcheese

Not sure if anyone likes goats, but these are my uncles. I’ll be up at the farm tomorrow to take pictures of jiblet, and we will be back to our regularly scheduled program! . . . . . ————————— #goatcheese

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Dr. Connie Desando

One cannot leave bread unattended in my house.....I had plans to make the kids a different batch of tartines for dinner, but came home to two lonely pieces of 🥖 bread! 🤦🏻‍♀️ (Enough for me I guess) Herbed Goat cheese, fresh peaches & prosciutto drizzled with balsamic! Check out my market this week, plenty of ingredients to help make your meals nutritious & delicious 😋! (Oh & the prosciutto is from Nashville....some pretty amazing tasting

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