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Lauren Chekman (@lauren_chek) Instagram Profile Photo

Lauren Chekman

Dustin Baker (@loneoakdustin) Instagram Profile Photo

Dustin Baker

Corpus Christi, Texas

Well, after 5 days without AC during record summer heat, it is probably going to take a while to get our house back to a normal temperature...but we are finally trending in a positive direction! The new AC units are going to be working overtime tonight! #globalwarming

Radish Doodles (@radishdoodles) Instagram Profile Photo

Radish Doodles

I drew this last year, but the sentiment still holds true. Clothing doesn't exist in my household. Just cold packs, fans, and some talcum powder for the chub rub. Don't judge me. . . . . . #globalwarming

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SAD BUT TRUE 🌎💔 Start using re useable items To reduce less plastic on our EARTH visit our site for OUR Re usable Straws 💕💚🐢

Bryne Malec Borealis (@words.waste.her) Instagram Profile Photo

Bryne Malec Borealis

I always hated The Giving Tree by Shell Silverstein. So I rewrote the verse how I thought it should go. We are blessed beyond measure to live in this world with food growing out of the ground and water flowing in rivers and resources to build and construct our houses with. But none of it is promised. The earth can only care for us, as long as we care for the earth 💚🌏🍎 * * * * * * * * * * * * #globalwarming

Pico de Orizaba o Citlaltépetl

El Pico de Orizaba en una escena un tanto dramática; un cono volcánico sin nieve, el Glaciar del Jamapa mostrando su verdadero tamaño que se va reduciendo y por su derretimiento va erosionando grandes cantidades de roca y arena. Y finalmente una capa densa de contaminación provocada principalmente por incendios en el sureste del país. Una contingencia ambiental durante aquellos días que duró hasta las primeras lluvias que limpiaron la atmósfera. // 11 de Mayo de 2019 // Vuelo en motoplaneador con @leoturco // #globalwarming

The People's Archive ( Instagram Profile Photo

The People's Archive

Kohlapur ,Maharastra

Story by @snkt_jain. Rohan Bhate. Special thanks to him for giving us permission to use his images, and to Sanctuary Asia. The gaur buffalo is making its way into farms in Kohlapur district, Maharashtra. Many farmers say crackers are proving to be uneffective, while others say the humongous beasts have even figured a way around electric fencing. But how do you blame animals when human beings bring this upon themselves? Full story in bio. PARI’s nationwide reporting project on climate change is part of a UNDP-supported initiative to capture that phenomenon through the voices and lived experience of ordinary people. @undpinindia #globalwarming

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