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Julia Ogun

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Cazadora de Shinigamis 3•4•20 (@cazadoradeshinigamis) Instagram Profile Photo

Cazadora de Shinigamis 3•4•20

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Men Against Mountains

I want to take everything loose and tie it Everything tangled and undo it Everything broken and fix it Even when time stands still Frozen For a decade So from the inside out I feel a flicker My guts spill out of me So I tell you how it took me so long of poisoning my insides Beating them into perfect submission Before I chose to give up the ghost... . BATTLE BUILD AND CONQUER 👊👊👊 #ghosts

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My interpretation of Lydia Deetz from Beetlejuce! Lydia is such an awesome character, and it was a blast drawing her. Beetlejuice is one of my all time favorite movies, and I'm absolutely dying to see the musical! s

Painting for interiors (@interior_fine_art) Instagram Profile Photo

Painting for interiors

The giant ghost gum on my land always intrigued me with shapes like sinuous human limbs within its branches. As it is near the site of an ancient aboriginal massacre you would expect it to be spooky, but strangely enough it is a very peaceful and beautiful place. s

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The Ouija Brothers

Got 10 Large and 2 XL Shirts left of this limited edition shirt that @okeeffeciaran is wearing go to once they are gone thats it. No more. Also if anyone has any of our merch send us a pic and we will give you a shout out ✌.

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Leashy ❤'s

Bodmin Jail 🔗🗝️👮

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