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Board & Brush Gettysburg

Board & Brush Gettysburg, PA What better way to celebrate a Tuesday night out then a pop up 80’s night in the studio? 🎶Just checkout all of the groovy projects!✌🏻 Why not join in on the fun and register to create your very own today!? 🎨Checkout all of our designs in our gallery and use code - PETLOVE25 to save 25% off your next workshop. #gettysburg

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Spencer Higginson

One of the neater spots in Gettysburg is Devil's Den. It is the rocks and boulders shown in these pics. It exchanged hands 6 times during the battle. It is shocking to read what happened here and in other parts of the battle. We owe a great debt of gratitude to our military throughout the history of our nation for what they have gone through on our behalf. . The statue at the end is of Confederate General James Longstreet. The man with us is Gary Casteel. He sculpted this statue. Pretty cool! . #gettysburg

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Jessica Jewett

Atlanta, Georgia

Sketchbook doodling tonight. I don't do much animation but I love the stuff at @billyandclyde. She's my friend who does animation, chibis, etc., of Civil War figures. This is my first attempt at a chibi and naturally I had to do Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain. It's a line from the film Gettysburg under his boots. I'm not sure what you guys think but I know it's not exactly a chibi. I'm having trouble letting go of "correct" proportions and shapes because I'm a realism portrait artist. I want to learn this fun art style though. So I'll churn out a hundred "meh..." ones before I get a good one. And when I get the chibi proportions right, I'll start adding historical figures to my Etsy shop. What do you guys think? • #gettysburg

Spencer Higginson (@cucciolo2579) Instagram Profile Photo

Spencer Higginson

Battlefield in Gettysburg PA

The battlefield of Gettysburg is not a theme park or a bustling big city or a playground or a sporting event. Instead it is made up of a bunch or working farms with monuments dotting the fields and lining the roads. That's it. Beforeyou take this as a scathing review, know that this was mentioned by all of the kids as a 'Top 5' from the whole trip. We downloaded an app that led us to 12 different points for each of the 3 days of the battle. At each point we were taught about the importance of that spot whether it was a strategic spot or where some outnumbered soldiers held off the greater army or where some famous offspring words were shared. We learned how the battle progressed, the ebb and flow of each army, and how that influenced decisions that intimately decided the outcome. . So why did the kids love it so much? They seemed to grasp the gravity of what took place there. They recognized the sacrifices and the hallowed feel of the battlefield. We got a glimpse of some good, God-fearing men on BOTH sides of the war as well as some evil men on BOTH sides of the war. One of the main factors in the war was slavery and slavery is a disgusting evil. Sadly it was and continues to be part of human history. I'm grateful that the North won the battle and the war to preserve our nation and to end slavery. I'm saddened by the way the memories of some great Americans are being handled in our time, far removed from the context of the period. . #gettysburg

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Gettysburg, Pennsylvania

Middle Street Gettysburg, PA. ... .. . #gettysburg

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