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IF 16-8 Home Workouts ( Instagram Profile Photo

IF 16-8 Home Workouts

Chicago, Illinois

A few years ago I would beat myself to gain that much fat. Apparently after having babies or generally after 30 you are getting wiser. Yes I still want to be leaner, but I don’t feel like in the process. I believe I will get there, but I don’t restrict my self anymore or binge eating and go put few fingers in my mouth like I used to do at my twenties... so I herd a lot that life just begins after 30, but NYU really understand why they say that. Have a good week everyone. Also, I feel a little sad and emotional since my family flying back home on Friday after long vacation here. And that’s what upsets me much more then weigh.

Martin Bråten (@braaten.martin) Instagram Profile Photo

Martin Bråten

Horsens, Denmark

New PB deadlift and then home for a good snack @horsenscrossfit #gettingreadyfor2019💪🏻

Dan Stringer (@stringer8341) Instagram Profile Photo

Dan Stringer

Sunday’s are for filling feeders, eating hoop cheese, crackers, watermelon and riding around.... #gettingreadyfor2019/20

William Schoolcraft, (@willtdathrill) Instagram Profile Photo

William Schoolcraft,

Taos, New Mexico

@metrotechweightlifting Challenge Accepted!Three rounds nonstop. 8500ft elevation makes this workout brutal. Deadlifting today. #gettingreadyfor2019-2020 ??

Louise Sjögren (@louises_sjogren) Instagram Profile Photo

Louise Sjögren

G r e e c e 🙏💜🌷 #gettingreadyfor2019

IF 16-8 Home Workouts ( Instagram Profile Photo

IF 16-8 Home Workouts

Willowbrook, Illinois

🌞Good morning ! Report about yesterday: 30 min run🏃🏻‍♀️ in the evening then stretching, and finished the day in caloric deficit finally, but couldn't do fasting- got super hungry at 10 pm🤷🏽‍♀️. Thinking about changing eating window to the little later time, like 10am-6pm🧐. Will see how it works. Also third night with 'teething baby' period so not much quality sleep🤪. Plan for today - ✔️BBG abs (pretraining week 1). Have a great day everyone! 🙂 #gettingreadyfor2019

IF 16-8 Home Workouts ( Instagram Profile Photo

IF 16-8 Home Workouts

Yesterday I decided to start BBG again. That's was the program that gives me amazing results 3 years ago and I'll gonna give it a go one more time) Most of all me as a working mom don't have an option to go to the gym, limited time a and dumbbells its only equipment I have... Plus I will ad 16/8 intermittent fasting. which is also helps me last summit losing few kg after pregnancy... #gettingreadyfor2019

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