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𝕄𝕠𝕘𝕚 | 𝕌𝕡𝕔𝕪𝕔𝕝𝕚𝕟𝕘 𝔾𝕦𝕣𝕦 (@naturallymogi) Instagram Profile Photo

𝕄𝕠𝕘𝕚 | 𝕌𝕡𝕔𝕪𝕔𝕝𝕚𝕟𝕘 𝔾𝕦𝕣𝕦

Rogue⚡️Yoga (@jessica.huneycutt) Instagram Profile Photo


Aerial Media (@memorydrone) Instagram Profile Photo

Aerial Media

Tom Hughes (@_tom.hughes_) Instagram Profile Photo

Tom Hughes

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Beau Collective

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Sarah Elizabeth

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Spark Women's Retreat

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Lively Physiotherapy Mackay

Big cheesy grins thanks to European sunshine, siestas and @torqueortho. Robyn and Alarna have written our latest blog post, Your Mouth And How It Reflects Health And Disease In Your Body. Link in our bio. Snuggle up with a blanket and a cuppa and enjoy 😁 -Steph, Sam & Sarah . . . . . #getoutside

Melissa L ⬇️ 88.3 lbs (@sparkles_on_my_sneakers) Instagram Profile Photo

Melissa L ⬇️ 88.3 lbs

. . I have a bunch of feelings looking at these photos - it’s taking a little while for my brain to catch up with the weight loss and I still feel a little shocked when I see current photos of myself. I’m really working on loving the girl on the left AND on the right 💕 . . #getoutside

Breca Swimrun (@brecaswimrun) Instagram Profile Photo

Breca Swimrun

Gower Peninsula

The Breca Gower 2019 official results are now live 🏆! Temperatures soared as our teams traversed the Welsh coast, tackling the 'sand dune of doom' amongst other obstacles, but we saw some phenomenal performances nonetheless. Breca Gower Full Distance: Men: 1st - ARK Bruderwunders (04:54:56) | 2nd - Team Precision Hydration (05:05:23) | 3rd - Drag2Zero & Mr T (05:25:38) Women: 1st - Fit4tri (06:57:30) | 2nd - Zambucca Eyes (07:05:13) | 3rd - Team Middlemast (07:22:23) Mixed: 1st - Team Headhero Vallance (05:51:22) | 2nd - Team Precision Hydration UK (05:56:12) | 3rd - Huss and Whiff (06:26:19) Breca Gower Sprint Distance: Men: 1st - Swin to Win (02:24:56) | 2nd - LB Tri-ers (02:27:18) | 3rd - Southern Academy of Sport (02:27:34) Women: 1st - Tofu-fast, Tofu-furious (02:33:40) | 2nd - Gymnasium CB (02:53:42) | 3rd - Megphil (03:04:27) Mixed: 1st - Land Luverrz (02:29:53) | 2nd - Team Chaffe (02:34:35) | 3rd - Breca Weka (02:36:15) Find the full set of results at . . . . #GetOutside

Ben “Crusher” Bolek (@spottedwildben) Instagram Profile Photo

Ben “Crusher” Bolek

Great Barrington, Massachusetts

AT Thru Hike | Day 107 | July 15th | Daily Miles: 19.3 | Total Miles:1,529.2 Laurel Ridge Campsite >> Tom Leonard Shelter Before I got on trail, one of my goals was to try to take it easy and soak this experience in. I’ve always had an issue relaxing, and setting up camp early yesterday threw that out the window (tent mesh?) and I got to scheming on how to make up the miles I’d left on the trail and set myself up for success in the next couple days. I broke camp at 6am, just as the sun rose, heading straight to the highest point in Massachusetts - Mount Everett. The walk up was gorgeous at first, walking the western ridge overlooking the valley I’d skirted the day before, with the sun rising opposite me in the east. The climbing became a little more difficult near the top, steep enough for the area trail crews to anchor steps into the large, featureless rock faces. After peak-bagging Mount Everett, I took the ridge line further, going over Mount Bushnell, then down a cliff towards Great Barrington, MA. I got a hitch into town, did laundry, got groceries and a big meal for lunch, and some Shoe Goo to keep my shoes together, then got another hitch back to the trail in the trunk of a small hatchback driven by a retired horticulturist, who lamented on how little rain they’d had recently. On my way out of town, I’d neglected to top off my water bottles, and as I read through the comments on the upcoming water sources, every one was either dry, farm runoff or polluted. Luckily, I ran into a couple doing trail magic that had a big jug of water and some gatorades, which made the final eight-miles to camp much more comfortable. This was also the first night I’ve been at a shelter site all alone. Usually they’re packed with day and thru-hikers, but not for me. I set my tent up on a wooden platform overlooking the valley for one last night before I head north tomorrow morning. (Rest in the comments)

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