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🖤 Ⓓ Ⓘ Ⓐ Ⓝ Ⓐ🖤 ✪


Was für ein großes schönes Tier 🥰auch wenn ich ein bisschen Angst hab vor Hunden , bei diesem schönen Hund war ich hin und #gamefthrones

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|| Marvel Bros || Youtubers ||

‪Netflix has announced a bio-drama series that takes place during feudal Japan and follows a lord named the One Eyed Dragon and the series is being compared to Game of Thrones! #gamefthrones

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Abhinav (AB-HIN-AV) Jain

Pacific Beach, San Diego

@aparadise09 have you finished Game of Thrones yet? it’s quite an attack I’ll admit! On days when the first click is to mail inbox! Mind already Starts it’s calculations and computations.. glad to have had you in @blossommediastudio!

Long overdue post. Regardless of the horrific ending and atrocious final season, Game of thrones is and will remain my number 1 favourite show for a very long time. It will be something that I will cherish forever and will not forget. I thank the genius writers for creating this magnificent universe and the brilliant actors who brought these characters to life. GoT will always have a place in my heart. #gamefthrones

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