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York, Pennsylvania

We don’t meet people by accident, they are meant to cross our path for a reason.

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Britt Havens ⋒

Tuesday morning view ☀️. We hung some shelves in the big kids room this weekend and while we were all in there Indie fell eye first into the bunk bed (swipe for her epic black eye + the sweetest teeth smile ever). This girl has Dexter’s curiosity and Elle’s emotional range and it’s a pretty, ummm... exciting combo - to put it lightly. I heard a rumour that third babies are a “wild card” and I don’t know what exactly that means but it’s feeling REALLY true this week 🙈. Love my independent, curious, affectionate, silly girl but phew - she keeps me on my . Mamas with three - can you confirm this rumour? 😝

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dr. mariel buquè

Newark, New Jersey

Who is in your TRAUMA TRIBE? Who do you look to when you need support around your trauma? When triggers come up, who are the people that hold you close and help you feel a sense of safety? Community matters when it comes to healing. It’s not a one-person journey. 〰️ FREE YOUR MIND 〰️ #fridaythoughts

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💯 • • • • • • #Fridaythoughts

Happy Friday, everyone. Or Tuesday ... whatev. #fridaythoughts

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“When you do what you love, everything seems to fall into place” Ben Parsons Happy Tuesday everyone! Have a productive and joyous day.

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