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Café Manggha

Japanese tase🎌 #foodlovers

O MELHOR DE FLORIPA (@omelhordefloripa1) Instagram Profile Photo


@tocadagaroupa • • • • • Parmegiana de camarão feat Arroz+Fritas 🍤🍅🍃 • Aqui no Toca em Santo Antônio de Lisboa ♡ • #foodlovers

Reem from the Heart (@reemahmed_91) Instagram Profile Photo

Reem from the Heart

July 23 marks our 4th year wedding Anniversary Masha2Allah🤗 so grateful for our family Alhamdoulillah and couldn't have asked for a better one❤🤲 I chose this picture specifically because marriage is not just about me and my partner only, but everyone in this picture! May they all stay blessed, happy, and successful, and may our family always grow bigger Ameen ❤ pray for us🤲❤❤ P.S today also marks my parents 32nd wedding anniversary masha2Allah 😍🤲❤ بسم الله ما شاء الله و لا حول و لا قوه الا بالله ❤ . . . s

SchmisaLidtchen 🌻 (@ww_schmisaschmi) Instagram Profile Photo

SchmisaLidtchen 🌻

🍅🥒🍊🍇🍍🥝🍎🥤🍅 M E A L P R E P _ M I T T W O C H _ 24.07.19 _____ FRÜHSTÜCK ▪️ Toast mit Philadelphia Milka und Bananenscheiben SNACKS ▪️ Melone ▪️ Weintrauben ▪️ Corny FREE Schoko _____ ▪️Werbung, weil Markenkennung s

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