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HERE'S HOW TO GET STARTED. It's the 40-30-30 Rule, i.e., 40 per cent of your income should go towards living expenses; 30 per cent for assets like house etc.; and 30 per cent towards for your short and long-term goals, The idea is to create outflow buckets for better control. Individuals may tweak the percentage according to their age, circumstances, etc. So as an , while you speak to your , it's very important to lay out your true picture relating to your #financialposition. To know more and book an appointment which can change your life, contact us on - 022-25674106 / 022-25644106 | Email: | for details visit us on

The often called the history of art of navigation or seamanship was the way of directing vessels upon the open sea through the establishment of its position and course by means of traditional practice, geometry, astronomy, or special instruments such the 17-century sextant instrument shown below. Like navigation instruments someone can say that financial statements are one of the key reporting tools used by management, investors, market analysts, and creditors to evaluate a company's financial health and earnings potential and make important decisions for the future and adjust the direction of company's operations. We have designed and tailored appropriate financial reporting solutions for medium and small size companies to assist with the preparation of the financial statements under International Financial Reporting Standards IFRS. Refer to our website which is currently under construction for more information on our services. Contact us at       #financialposition   

🐤⛹️🌞 Opportunities are always there. If one is missed other will follow for sure. #financialposition

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- Track Your Net Worth. . 💰Your net worth—the difference between your assets and debt—is the big-picture number that can tell you where you stand financially. . 💰Keep an eye on it, and it can help keep you apprised of the progress you’re making toward your financial goals—or warn you if you’re backsliding. From @TheMuse . . If you’re not sure how to calculate your net worth, we can help. Give us a call this week to chat. . . . . . .   #financialposition

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What is your net worth? It is simple how much you are worth as an individual. In other words, when you sort out your expenses, what is left and can be allocated into tangible investments? That is your net worth. Sometimes referred to as your financial position. 3 easy steps to calculate your net worth: 1️⃣ List out all your income sources and sum it up. 2️⃣ List out all your potential expenses and sum it up. 3️⃣ Deduct you total expenses from your total income. That’s how much you’re worth. ❗️If the value obtained is positive, you have a positive net position. Well done! However, if it’s negative, you need to take more financially healthy steps to improve it otherwise, you’ll continue to be broke and wonder why. _ Need help with improving your financial position, you’re welcome to join other financially smart individuals at our FWT Smart Money Community. To join, please send a WhatsApp message to 07039536053. _ #financialposition

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