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Beto Ibáñez Ortiz (@betoproducciones) Instagram Profile Photo

Beto Ibáñez Ortiz

Ramon Velarde (@velarde83) Instagram Profile Photo

Ramon Velarde

Los Angeles, California

Last night it was a great night with @thesehandsomedevils at the @sfs_swapmeet !!! A lot of fun playing almost 50 songs by The Smiths and Morrissey over three sets. . . #fenderstratocaster @sfs_swapmeet ・・・ Friday night with @thesehandsomedevils

I can't describe how much I love Stratocasters. That's wonderful guitars and my "Melissa" she isn't just a guitar she is a my soul. She is a thing for create great sounds! ocaster

JP Donelan (@jpdonelan) Instagram Profile Photo

JP Donelan

Buy U A Drank featuring the prettiest most talented girl in the whole entire universe!!!!!! @omgitspiao ❤️🐥 . . . . stratocaster

Capsule Music (@capsulemusic) Instagram Profile Photo

Capsule Music

Capsule Music

Looking for a this ? We may have just what you’re looking for! All types of eras and types to choose from. (These are just some of what we have) #fenderstratocaster

Pablo Mendoza 🔵 (@pablojmendozap) Instagram Profile Photo

Pablo Mendoza 🔵

Jam little wing @jimihendrix sin Jimi no se tocaría la guitarra eléctrica igual! @fender #fenderstratocaster

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