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Camile Martins

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Francesca Chiricosta

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Dangerous Females

Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

This looks amazing on you! @pride_in_biddy wearing the heckers out of this DF tee. I’m living for the chest hair tuft btw. We also have unisex tees with this @tiffany_atkin design printed on the back in Grey and White. But I think the purple is absolute perfection on you Michael. . . . πŸ“Έ @pride_in_biddy

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PART 1 - I don't inherently agree with everything the article says, but he's making a really good point. Only recently have people began to categorize Jews, especially Ashke Jews as white, and we have stated multiple times why we don't agree with this. My biggest problem with this is that PoC exclude us from their activism and spaces, ignoring the fact that we also experience racism, even the white passing Ashkem. Another harmful way in which people can benefit from claiming Jewish whiteness is claiming the State of Israel is a white supremacy, which is an utter lie. Why can't people understand Jews, even the ones who lived in Europe for centuries, are aboriginal to the Middle East, especifically, the Levant? Because awknowledging our status as Middle Eastern means awknowledging the fact that our ancestors lived in Israel. There is proven genetic evidence that even Ashke Jews are at least 50% Middle Eastern, and we can even see it by how a lot of us, even tho our families lived in Europe, have Middle Eastern features. By erasing our ancestry, you're whitewashing us, and even worse, you're erasing our suffering as a group that is still oppressed, and still in danger. Why do you think the Nazi flag is a symbol of white supremacy? You don't get to claim Jews are 'privileged white people' when WHITE SUPREMACISTS want us dead even today. Yes, there are Jews of many different ethnicities, black, asian, indian, hispanic, and I'm not excluding that, but claiming Ashkem are the only white Jews, and yes I've heard claims of them not having anything that links them to Israel bc they settled in Europe, is ridiculous. When it takes effort to convince non-jews that we're an oppressed group that you need to advocate for too, we realize how much the world has bought the lie that Jews are powerful white people and that we're fine. We won't be fine as long as s march the streets.

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Foxy πŸ’˜πŸ¦Š

Mother hood is NEVER necessary! You should only become a mother if that’s what you want!!! Check out @_realfeminism for some great content! #feminist #feminist

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Yves Egez

la brise de l'Γ©tΓ© chatouille le bout de mes tΓ©tons #feminist

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