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At the end of the day, all we have is who we are. So define who you want to be with @chaayshoes. —— —— #eyecatcher

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LUNA40, Grau ****************************************************** Welche Serie passt wohl besser um der @nasa zum 50. Jubiläum der Mondlandung zu gratulieren? We congratulate the Nasa on the 50th anniversary of the moon landing with our series Luna. Fotos: Tesch, Sylt #eyecatcher

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PhotoArt NRY

Kurz bevor ich arbeiten gehe... Ich wünsche euch einen erholsen Sonntag ihr lieben. Die Zeit vergeht schnell mach das beste draus. Ich sitze gerade wieder Mac und habe wieder ein Foto gegriffen wo dieser Strpler zu sehen ist. Es ist immer wieder eine Freude zu zusehen wie meine Mütter außer sich sind wenn Sie über diesen Strpler reden. Liebe @abier_abulaban ich glaube über dieses Outfit werden wir bestimmt auch noch Jahre reden. Dankeschön Habibtim. Wie findet ihr dieses Outfit? Reicht jetzt mit diesem Strpler diese Posts oder gehts noch😬🍀 My prop maker: @lieberfilznewborn My flokati: @flokaticarpets #eyecatcher


Love it or hate it, this colourful house in Dalston certainly stands out from the others... 🌈🏡🌈🏡🌈🏡🌈🏡🌈 💜💛💙🧡❤️💚💗💜💛🌈🏡🌈🏡🌈🏡🌈🏡🌈 #eyecatcher

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Dr. Marie Elisabeth Mueller

Meet honorable Sreedevi, role of all storytellers, a „natural“ storyteller. Her Malayalam name means „respected goddess“. She is the grandmother of my dear friend Shijin Parambath and a vivid storyteller. I love visiting her in the village in Kannur, sit with her and my translator on the veranda, drink tea and listen to her strong and warm voice amidst the palm tree forest‘s many melodies. It‘s the best place to clear my thoughts and feel peace. Only a few years back she started to use a mobile phone to attend calls by her children, grand-children and grand-grand-children. It‘s a practical thing to her like brushing your teeth, nothing else. She keeps telling stories about her life and the community she lives with for more than eight decades (while a digital nomad like me will likely never stay that long at one place but is able to collect many diverse voices over the years). In order to create a credible record of her stories the mobile phone could be the best device because it comforts citizen storytellers who don‘t feel intimated by it (what research shows). - From my series My Indian life. —- #eyecatcher

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